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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zombomb IS Da Bomb!

The owner Kathy and her lovely creations!

I wrote about this wonderful company and its fabulous owner a while ago, but I thought I should do an update post. Have you heard of Zombomb? If not, that’s going to change right now.

Zombomb is a bath product company that manufactures everything here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada but will ship to wherever you are. The owner Kathy uses quality ingredients that naturally moisturize your skin. Each large bath bomb is 3″ in diameter and her individual bags of bath salts are 250g bags instead of the teeny tiny 100g bags available in stores by other companies. For sanitary reasons each bath bomb is individually wrapped, because no one other than you should ever touch your bath bomb.

At Zombomb we use quality ingredients that are safe for all skin types. We use only essential oils that are are food grade, oil soluble, organic, body safe and made from all natural flavours – nothing artificial and no alcohol. Our flavour oils are also gluten-free.

She has so many different bath bombs it blows your mind! Thirty-four at my last count. All Bath Bombs contain an Antioxidant with Rosemary made from a special blend of plant extracts. Zombomb Bath Products will not stain your tub! Her bombs are light sensitive but that is because they are made from all earthy ingredients. They contain no heavy dyes, perfumes or chemicals. She ensures a spa experience without the harsh bright chemicals. And why go and catch Pokemons with an app when you can snag one of her cute Pokemon bath bombs. When the bomb dissolves, you are left feeling great and you get a Pokemon toy! Great for the little ones.

The most interesting part is that many of her products are zombie-inspired such as the apple-scented Brain Soap ($5), neapolitan ice-cream-scented Human Heart Bath Bomb ($10), watermelon Scented Flesh Soap ($5), Gangrene green apple soap ($5), super cool eyeball bath bombs, Dragon’s Blood bath bombs that make a the bath water blodd-red!

Corporate colours or wedding colours that you’d like to see in her bath salts? She can work with you to create signature colours to wow your guests or clients and add a special touch to your celebration or event.

Zombomb can create for:

Wedding Showers
Baby Showers
Wedding Receptions
Gift Openings
Gifting Events
Customer Appreciation Events
Private Functions
Charity Events

Everyone loves relaxation bath bombs and she’s committed to making your next event the most unexpected treat. She also loves to support non profit organizations with gift baskets for auctions. For more information please head over to her contact us page.

For those here in Edmonton, you can buy Zombomb products at the following locations:

Float Wellness And Spa
Mars And Venus
Pure Artistry
Redemption Boutique
Sanctuary Curio Shoppe
Bling Lashes
Pure Lotus Massage Therapeutics

And you can buy from Kathy in person every Saturday and Sunday at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market year round.

And to keep up-to-date you can follow Zombomb on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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