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Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday's Faux Paw

chipped_off_nail_polishNail polish looks really great on human women. It can really elevate your look and add personality to your outfit. Also nail art is right on trend these days whether you go to a salon or do it yourself. But with nail polish comes today’s faux paw – chipped nail polish. Chipped nail polish screams, “I have given up on myself!” and looks trashy. If you don’t have time to do your nails every other day, then why not try shellac nails at your nearest nail salon? The nail specialist will paint your nails with a Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat that paint on like polish. After each step, nails dry briefly under the CND UV Lamp. The result is close to two weeks of chip-free nails, with fast dry-time and no nail damage. If a salon is not your thing, then try CND VINYLUX which is like a shellac but doesn’t need the UV lamp to cure it because natural light hardens the finish. Joelle bought the shade Lobster Roll for $12 CDN ($9.90 US) at a local beauty supply store. You will also need their Weekly Top Coat to seal the polish once you’re done which she also bought for $12 CDN ($9.90 US). If none of this appeals to you and you still want polished nails, try a nail polish that is very close to the natural colour of your nails, that way when it chips it will not be noticeable. If you still want to walk around with ugly chipped nail polish, then this rating applies to you:

1-poop-star (1)

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