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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

I love it when human women wear dresses. There is nothing more feminine or pretty than a woman in a dress! Why then do so many of you wear a nice forn fitting dress and then ruin it with the wrong undergarments - specifically panties? I am tired of seeing women wearing control top panties which create a bulge over top of them so you look like your oozing out of a sausage casing! (Mmmmmm... sausage...) Yes by all means wear underwear that holds you in. But choose a panty that doesn't stop at your waist but continues to under your bra. This will make you look fabulous under those form fitting dresses. Check out: If you don't want to invest in something like that, then don't bother with a control panty at all and just wear regular ones. Not only will you look better, but I won't mistake you for a sausage and try to take a bite out of you.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blemish Free? I Think So!!!

Yes I do hold down an regular job in an office five days a week. But in my spare time, (which there is not a lot of these days) I write, sing, and model. One night before a photo shoot, I got a wonderful huge pimple by my nose. I read somewhere that if you put a blemish cream containing benzoyl peroxide the offender and let it sink in, then put a dot of clay mask on top and go to bed, the pimple should be gone in the morning. Even though I was super skeptical about this, I gave it a try and went to bed.

The result? MIND BLOWING!! It was gone! I never thought that would happen being it was a major underground pimple. So I knew at that moment I had to blog about it and let everyone know that this really worked.

You can use any blemish cream with 2 - 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in it and any type of clay mask. The products I used were both by Paula Begoun and you can buy them online at her website:  - CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Fighting Treatment and Skin Balancing Carbon Mask.

I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Casual Fridays Do Not Have To Be Blahdays!

If you work in an office like me, you most likely have a fashion phenomenon that occurs each Friday called "Casual Friday". Most people I know don't have a a problem dressing business, or business casual the rest of the week, but for some reason when Casual Friday comes along people are not sure what to wear. The pitfall I am speaking of is not over-dressing but under-dressing. I may be unpopular after writing this, but I feel that hoodies or bunnyhugs (which is what they are called in Saskatchewan), rockstar type or worn out jeans, gym sneakers, leggings without a dress or long tunic over top, yoga/athletic pants, unkempt hair, and no make-up have no place in an office - even on Casual Fridays. Just because it's a Casual Friday does not mean you let yourself go and look like you've started the weekend early.

So, what does one wear? Because fashion is visual, I think the best way is to show you five of the outfits I have worn on Casual Fridays in the hopes that you might find something to inspire you.

Outfit One
My trick for spicing up a casual look is to throw on some unexpected items with faded jeans and a t-shirt like a jaunty scarf and coral heels.

Outfit Two
Yes a plaid shirt and jeans is very casual indeed. But with a white blazer and some stylish boots, I could be off to my office job or maybe even a Polo match.

Outfit Three
Dark denim trousers always look right on track for the Casual Fridays. But instead of pairing a stuffy white blouse with them, I chose pops of colour to give a nod to the current trend of colour blocking. I do love orange oh so very much!

Outfit Four
While this may look dull, drab and boring at first, I assure you it is not. This photo doesn't show you what I have on underneath my suit coat very well. This is a good choice for that Casual Friday where you are heading out to drinks with the girls afterwards. Because for a night on the town, all you need to do is take off your jacket and...
Voilà!! Just add a clutch and some dangly earrings (which you of course brought to work with you) and you're ready to party!

Outfit Five
Okay, if everything thus far seemed a bit too dressy for you, this should make you happy! Yes I am wearing a tank top, jeans, and sneakers, but I am also wearing a cute argyle cardigan. Argyle always elevates and refines an outfit. Also please note I am not wearing gym sneakers but clean, stylish, fashion sneakers.

See you Wednesday!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

Ahhhhh another Friday the 13th. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia. I am afraid of people who commit this faux paw - wearing "PINK" across your bum. We have Victoria's Secret coming from the US to Canada to blame for this phenomenon. They make beautiful lingerie, however they also make loungewear/workout wear that sports "PINK" across the bum of the pants. It's bad enough to wear the pants for what they are intended for which would be working out or staying at home. However the real problem begins when I am out for a walk and have to see you out in public wearing these atrocities. (Please see my past blog entry for how I feel about outfits that belong in a gym being worn outside of the gym: And to make matters worse the many of the people wearing these pants do not need to be drawing further attention to their plump, jiggly, untoned bottom. Just a heads up, these pants were in style years ago in the US so not only are you guys being sheep, you are also way behind the times. Follow on Bloglovin

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top Ten Make-up Trends For Spring/Summer 2012

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great Easter holiday. I know I sure did! It involved lots of singing. I had fun but am so glad that it's over now. I picked up a bunch of discounted chocolate and gummies yesterday, so I must try to show some restraint or the swimsuit season ain't gonna be pretty for me.

There are many different make-up looks this spring and summer. Some of them I'm not sure I would try (colour blocking), other than for modelling but many are easy and wearable and won't leave you looking like a clown at your workplace.

1. Colour Blocking
The trend of colour blocking continues even on the face. This is a look that can go too 80s in my opinion if you do your whole face. To give a nod to this trend, just do the colour blocking on your eyes and keep the rest of your face simple - a bit of blush and nude lipstick.

2. Orange
Pantone's Tangerine Tango has even made it into make-up for spring/summer! Sephora has teamed up with Pantone to create various orange make-up products. Because I love orange so very much I must elaborate!

The lip collection includes a set of four shades of liquid lip gloss in colours Luminous, Vivid, Glaze and Opal. Luminous is a semi-sheer bright orange with shimmer.Vivid is a bright orange opaque. Glaze is a soft peach shade with shimmer. And Opal is a translucent shade of apricot (more orange-red than Glaze). This collection also includes a Tangerine Tango crème lipstick.

For eyes, Sephora also introduced a Tangerine Tango eye shadow quad of powder shadows that can be used wet or dry and Tangerine Tango Twist eyeliner.

And for the face, the Tangerine Tango prisma chrome blush has a warm colour and luminous sheen that will impart your cheeks with a soft glow. There’s also a blush duo with two complementary colours.

3. Red Lips
Winter, Spring, summer or Fall red lips are here to stay. Any colour is up to you from coral reds to wine reds - anything goes this Spring/Summer. Surprisingly, red lips is a look anyone can pull off. Fair skinned gals look best in coral-reds, medium complexions wear pinky/cranberry shades, while dark skinned gals will look best in dark, rich colours such as burgandy or warm brick.

4. 60s Inspired Cat Eyes
We probably have Mad Men to thank for this trend that keeps going into Spring/Summer. You can stick with the tried and true liquid black eyeliner for this look. Or to make it more modern, why not try a coloured liner or one with glitter in it?

5. Navy Eyeshadow
Instead of the usual brown or black smoky eye, navy was where it was at on the runway. This would be a look best suited for evening. And once again keep the rest of your make-up simple.

6. Silver Eyeshadow
Fresh and light, this is a look that pretty much anyone can pull off. Younger women can do a more metallic eye and wash the colour all over the lid. Older women can use a more matte eyeshadow and just use it as more of a highlighter on the brow bone so you don't accent those dreaded wrinkles.

7. Sun-kissed Skin
It's time to break out the bronzer. First off, invest in one that is close to your natural skin tone and make sure it doesn't look orange. Then dust it on your cheekbones and a bit on your nose and forehead. Do not, may I repeat, do not overdo it or you will look like Snooki.

8. Exaggerated Lashes
Time to break out your false eyelashes? I think so! Now's the time for big lashes - the faker the better. If you're in a more conservative maybe save them for a night out with the girls.

9. Purple Eyeshadow
The purple eye is still going strong into Spring/Summer! If you want to try this look, apply one single shade all over the lis for a wash of colour. Green eyes look great with darker shades of eggplant or aubergine. Brown eyes are gorgeous with purples with a bit of broze mixed in. Blue eyes sparkle with a cool purple with grey undertones.

10. Natural Make-up
Less is more with this common trend. Just focus on highlighting your natural features. Choose a tinted moisturizer (don't forget the sunscreen), put on some light blush, neutral eyeshadow, and mascara on the upper lashes. Slick on some tinted lipbalm and you're ready to go!

Hope you're now ready to try some of these trends out!