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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Meme



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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trend Alert! Rose Gold

The rose gold trend started with the Michael Kors watches and then moved into many other territories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It’s a great way to wear a warm metallic without always relying on yellow gold or copper all the time. It still is going strong  with rose gold nail polish making many lists as one of the it colours for fall. I personally love rose gold as I’m a warm skin tone and therefore it looks good on me. There is quite a variety of rose gold tones ranging from close to yellow gold to a more pinkish tone. For those cool toned beauties, I suggest grabbing some silver or pewter. To be honest I don’t own any rose gold yet, but I’m definitely going to be getting some soon – most likely some bracelets and nail polish.

Michael Kors Oversize Rose Golden Stainless Steel Lexington Chronograph Watch $275

michael korsRose Gold Nail Bracelet ebay $14

nail bracelet

Calvin Klein Metallic Heels The Shoe Company $90


Essie Nail Polish In Penny Talk $9


Shimmering Stud Earrings Forever 21 $4


Wallor Clutch Aldo $25

26_wallor_85_6L’Oreal 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadow In 892 Amber Rush (WAL-MART, London Drugs, etc) $8


Would you wear rose gold? If so how would you wear it?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Giveaway - And More!

With fall here and nail polish is still going strong, we thought we’d give away one of our favourite brands of nail polish – Sinful Colors. Up for grabs are six bottles of this wonderful polish in the following colours: Courtney Orange, Easy Going, Aqua, San Francisco, Daddy’s Girl, and Clear Coat for a nice shiny top coat.

polish page

Clockwise from top left: Courtney Orange, Easy Going, Aqua, San Francisco. Centre: Daddy’s Girl Clear Coat not pictured.

But wait, there’s more! (I always wanted to use that phrase!) Included in this giveaway is a lovely black and gold stretch bracelet which is totally on trend at this moment.


I’m not done yet! (Love these cliches.) Also included in this giveaway is a jazzy lipstick case, ’cause no one likes having their lipstick come uncapped and roll around in one’s purse. Total value of this giveaway is $50!


So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Enter now!!! (Cliches done.)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's OOTW - Horsing Around

I am no longer a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte virgin! Friday I was in Target checking to see what was left of the Phillip Lim collection (I was on on vacation when it launched) and after buying some things, I moseyed over to Target’s Starbucks and purchased said latte. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I normally do not like Starbucks coffee, but I can see why so many other fashionistas are addicted to this beverage. I must pretend this has never taken place because I don’t have the funds at this point in time to feed a new addiction as I already have a clothing/shoe/accessory one. Maybe I will find a homemade version on Pinterest. One can dream…

Every year in the fall since we started dating, (except for the year we went on a hot air balloon ride) Tim and I go to Pegasus Stables for some horseback riding. So after Mass on Sunday, we hit the dusty trail. What a gorgeous day! My outfit was missing one thing though – cowboy boots which are now on my wishlist.

Shirt Old Navy $10 (similar) // Vest Old Navy $15 (similar) // Jeans WAL-MART $20 (similar) // Boots WAL-MART $20 (similar)








So what did you do this weekend?

Entered in  the IFB Project #115: Attidude of Plaiditude and I got chosen! Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw

Today I’m not going to talk about a faux paw. Instead, I’m going to wish my Mom and Dad a very happy fifth wedding anniversary! Five years ago today at 11:00am on September 13th, 2008, Tim and Joelle were married at St. Joseph’s Basilica here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I was told that it was a gorgeous sunny day with not a cloud in the sky and 26 degrees Celsius. The reception was held at one of Tim’s sister’s backyard in a tent. Please join me in wishing them a very happy anniversary! They will get the messages when they return from holidays. Here are five photos of their wedding day – one for each year!





And one more for good measure!


May you have many more years together!! Love you guys!

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Fall Must Haves

I cannot believe summer is just about over. However, fall happens to be my most favourite season with the changing leaves, apple cider, celebrating my wedding anniversary, and of course fall fashion!

Here is what I’m wanting to add to my wardrobe this fall:

Animal Sweater

With animals from birds to cats and everything in between showing up on fall outfits, I’d love to snag this cute sweater.

Old Navy $28

Military Jacket

This item has been on many covet lists over the year but I still don’t own one. The price is definitely right and I think it’s quite stylish.


Old Navy $45

Plaid Pumps

I have always loved plaid – and pretty much every kind of print. When I saw these adorable pumps, I thought “Plaid shoes? Heck yes!”


Shoes Call It Spring $50

Fake Fur Vest

I’ve been hemming and hawing about this item for many falls now. I wasn’t sure how to style this and then Pinterest came on the scene. With so many wonderful ideas showing how to wear this, I think this will be the year I take the plunge.


H&M $40

Leather Pants

Last year I bought a pair for extra cheap off of ebay with the intention of getting them taken in. I still haven’t done this so maybe it will just be easier to buy a new pair that fits.


So what’s on your list?

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My Review Of Zombomb - A Bath Bomb And Salt Company


One lovely Saturday during July I decided to take my husband Tim to the South Common Farmer’s Market. After perusing many tables of vegetables, we came across a wonderful table full of bath products by a company called Zombomb. Of course I stopped in my tracks and had to smell everything. I got talking to the owner of the company (her name is Kathy) and she told me she used to work in the oil patch, then at Canada Post until she decided she’d like to start her own company, hence Zombomb was born! From the start Tim and I fell in love with her cute logo and of course her awesome products. Tim tried her Pineapple Mango Body Butter and thought it was great because he only had to use a small bit, it smelled wonderfully, and best of all – it was not greasy and fixed his dry hands. So he bought a cute little tub of it for $3.

What is Zombomb? A bath product company who manufactures everything here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada but will ship to wherever you are. Kathy uses quality ingredients that naturally moisturize your skin. Each large bath bomb is 3″ in diameter and her individual bags of bath salts are 250g bags instead of the teeny tiny 100g bags available in stores by other companies. For sanitary reasons each bath bomb is individually wrapped, because no one other than you should ever touch your bath bomb. The most interesting part is that many of her products are zombie-inspired such as the apple-scented Brain Soap ($2.50), neapolitan ice-cream-scented Human Heart Bath Bomb ($10), watermelon Scented Flesh Soap ($5), Brain Bombs ($2.75) which come in Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, and Chocolate Mint, and the Zomb-bear Zombomb ($3) a zombie teddy bear which as it fizzes, leaves a little trail of “blood” in your water. She even carries a line of  four different zombie t-shirts ($18 each).


A few weeks later I went back to the market and picked up two bath bombs for $8 otherwise they are $5 each. I got the Chai Tea Zombomb and the Pina Colada Zombomb. So far I have used the Chai Tea Zombomb and loved it! It was super fizzy and smelled so much like chai tea that it made me want to drink the bathwater. No bath ring afterwards and my skin felt so soft and smelled great!

I also tried the Wasabi Bath Salts ($5.29). Before smelling them I was very skeptical – did I want to smell like Japanese horseradish? Thank goodness they don’t smell like that at all. It is hard to describe how they smell – I think a tiny bit sweet like candy and a hint of floral. You really have to smell them yourself. Today I woke up with a sore ear and throat on the left side so a bath was very appealing to me. I threw in the bag of salts and soaked for about 20 minutes. Afterwards I felt better! I decided to go on Zombomb’s website to check out the description behind these salts and found this: “The Wasabi Bath Salts contain Epsom salts for relieving aching muscles and internal rebalancing, and a specific blend of essential oils to loosen phlegm, sooth nerves, and stimulate pain relief.” Well they worked ’cause I do feel better! 😀

photo-22I couldn’t resist the Gangrene Flesh Soap. There was only one left so I scooped it up for $5. I never use soap due to it drying out my skin but this soap was different. It lathered so nicely, was very moisturizing and the smell was divine – green apple goodness!

So do yourself a favour and check Zombomb out at Until October 3, 2013 you can check out her booth Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm at The Baseline Farmer’s Market in St. Albert or until October 19th, 2013 you can visit her booth Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm at the South Common Farmer’s Market in Edmonton. Zombomb products are also carried at two stores – Sanctuary Curio Shoppe  in Edmonton and Seasons Gift Shop in St. Albert. Zombomb is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Zombomb Page

Clockwise from top left :  Brain Soap ($2.50), Human Heart Bath Bomb ($10),  Zomb-bear Zombomb ($3), zombie t-shirt ($18), and Scented Flesh Soap ($5)

Which product do you think you’ll try? My favourite so far is the Gangrene Flesh Soap.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Purrfection - Feline Fall Fashion

With cats appearing everywhere in fashion this fall, I’ve decided to show three cat inspired outfits based on what cats like to do. My co-blogger Zeke will have to avert his doggie eyes for this post!

Relaxing In The Sun





Hat $10 WAL-MART (similar) // Blouse $20 Suzy Shier (similar) // Swimsuit $30 ebay (similar) // Shoes Payless $12 (in store now)

Being Aloof





Sunglasses ?? (similar) // Earrings $6 Payless Shoes (in store now) // Chambray Shirt $15 Smart Set (similar) // Cat Sweatshirt $25 H&M (in store now) // Bracelet $6 ebay (similar) // Jeans Joe Fresh $20 (similar) // Boots $30 (similar)

Prowling At Night



Top $20 Suzy Shier (similar) // Necklace $2 ebay (similar) // Bracelet $3  ebay // Skirt $20 Joe Fresh (similar) // Shoes $25 ebay (similar)


Meow, baby!