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Thursday, November 30, 2017

OrganicTan Edmonton

This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.

When I was approached by Alitta from OrganicTan Edmonton to try a SunnaTan spray tan I was super skeptical. As a red head I am used to staying out of the sun and have grown to like my very fair skin. I really was scared to try a spray tan at first because I thought I’d look unnatural or at the worst like a carrot. Besides, I’ve never had a spray tan before, so I was certain I would pass on this opportunity.

But then I saw on Instagram Stories Alitta’s lovely personality and the spray tans she had done on other Edmonton gals. They looked fabulous! Every person she airbrushed with her magical formula looked even more beautiful, healthier, with the perfect color every single time. So I got my courage up and booked an appointment with her.

I’m so glad I did! From the moment we chatted on the phone, I started feeling at ease with Alitta. She is one of those women that is so much fun, you feel comfortable with instantly. And that’s always a great thing if you actually decide to “bare it all” as I did during a spray tan session. But we’ll get to that later. ;-D

A couple weeks ago I visited Alitta at OrganicTan Edmonton located at Lipstick Empire, a local laser spa that also offers other services including micro-needling, eyelash lift and tint, facials, microblading – the list goes on! And I must mention it’s also a beautiful place to hang out. I mean look at the decor:

So onto my experience. At first Alitta told me why OrganicTan came to be. Established in 2011 in Calgary, Canada SunnaTan was born from a desire to provide a safe alternative to harmful UV tanning, and to prevent the permanent and irreversible damage it has on skin. Because it’s based here in Alberta, the tanning colours are lighter and meant for us naturally pasty winter women who have no sun for eight months of the year unlike our Californian counterparts who are blessed with year round sunshine. An OrganicTan is also hypoallergenic, paraben-free and alcohol- free, has no chemical ingredients, and is packed full of organic skin nourishing ingredients including sunflower oil, bark extract, gotu kola, echinacea and green tea.

Then Alitta assessed my skin and decided to go with medium-light so we could start subtle and work towards darker later on down the road if need be. She also mentioned the tan should last for 7-10 days, I leave it on my skin for 24 hours, then I rinse off in my shower and I’m my new “golden self”. Then I asked her the most important question – “Do I get nekkid for this?” She said it’s entirely up to me, but she explained I might want to leave my underwear bottoms on to so there will be a tan line to show the difference in colour. I thought that was a great idea! So in the end I went topless and was so glad I did as it was nice to not have bra strap tan lines when I wore an off-shoulder sweater to an event later on.

Now for the tanning part. Alitta does the spraying via airbrush so the tan is applied evenly – no automation here! Now I am super scent sensitve with an ultra powerful nose so I could slightly smell the tan as it was being applied. I wanted to eat it because to me it smelled a bit like coconuts – soooooooooo goooooooood! And it felt invigorating.

So here’s my before and after:

Unfortunately the lighting in the tanning room made it difficult to really show how perfect my tan is. After the 24 hours was up and I washed the excess bronzer off it looked lighter and so perfect! And the great news is my tan looked awesome for the whole 10 days! This is one happy gal right here. 

So do yourself a favour and check out Alitta at OrganicTan Edmonton. You can also follow her on Facebook, and Instagram.

This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.

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