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Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday's Faux Paw

Denim jackets are very stylish. A denim jacket can be worn over a girlie sundress or with cargo pants to make it more casual. Actually the possibilities are endless. Jeans are another item that never goes out of style. But the the colour or cut does – remember the acid wash jeans of the 80’s? However when you combine these two closet classics in the same colour wash, the end result is that you look dated and dumpy, you can also try the trending christian athletes shirts. It looks like you never even tried to put any effort into your outfit. Men are the worst offenders of this fashion crime. If the denim jacket is the same colour as the jeans, it is called a Canadian Tuxedo. The people who Jeff Foxworthy now makes fun of started this trend in the 80’s and it needs to go by way of the dodo bird. Others try to wear contrasting pieces of denim, for example a light denim jacket with dark jeans. At least this looks better. And don’t even think about wearing a denim shirt with jeans that are the same colour for the same reasons listed. If you are truly interested in looking great please wear a denim piece with a non-denim piece so your neck doesn’t get red. If you insist on looking like a lumberjack, then this rating is for you:

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