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Thursday, September 01, 2016

I Am Sick Of These Six Trends!

Zeke the Boston Terrier here! I know today isn’t Friday, but Joelle has been under the weather again and got me to pitch in and write a post for her.

Trends are a great way of staying informed and current. However there comes a time in a trend’s life that it becomes overdone and therefore ineffective. Here are six trends that need to go. For those participating in these trends, know that I pull no punches when giving my opinion.

The Floral Crown and Dog Face Filter On Snapchat


Snapchat is super fun and addictive. Part of its charm are the funny filters you can use. I have had a lot of fun using them on Snapchat at clothesbnquite. (Yes shameless plug!) But I strongly feel the flower crown and dog face filters have been horribly overused and need to go. Or at the very least people need to stop using them. Try being a queen, or a bee, a giraffe, mermaid etc. instead. Okay people?

Donut, Flamingo, or Pineapple Flotation Devices


We get it. It’s summer. It’s hot. You want to post a pic of yourself on Instagram in your latest bikini. So you grab a donut float and take a photo of you floating on it in your pool. At first it was cute but now I want to gouge my eyes out because every second photo in my Instagram feed is someone floating on one of these items. Plus it makes me hungry. I have also seen unicorns, flamingos, and ice cream cones. What I’d like to see is someone playing beach volleyball, lying on a towel and having a drink, reading a *gasp* book, camping – basically anything else but floating on a piece of fruit and the like in your pool.

Pink And White Colour Combos


So many bloggers are overusing this colour combo. Maybe it has to do with their love of peonies or being girly? Peonies are awesome, but they come in other colours. Also there are other great colour combos to try. How about navy and mint? Grey and yellow? Coral and tan? Just anything else but pink and white please. And yes, dogs see in colour. It’s been proven.

Using The Term “Can We Talk About *Fill In The Blank* For A Moment?”


Yes you bought the best shoes I have ever seen. I love them as much as you do and want to find out where I can get a pair for Joelle. But when you write, “Can we talk about how great these shoes are for a moment?”, I want to yell “NO! No we can’t!!!”

The Hair Grab Photo


As pretentious as the phrase is “Can we talk about this for awhile?”, the blogger hair grab photo is not far behind. I am honestly stumped as to why this has become a thing. Although, the duck face selfie became a thing so with some trends there’s no accounting for taste.

Posting Fall Outfits In July


If you live in a warm, sunny climate you might be guilty of this. However, I live in a climate that is winter for seven months of the year so summer is way too damn short already. I don’t need it made any shorter. I simply do not want to see your boots and scarf combos no matter how adorable they are until October 1st.

What are you sick of seeing? Comment below.

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