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Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Five Must Haves For Fall And Winter

Two great ladies over on Instagram (@cleveland8284 and @talizat) are hosting “The Five Must Haves” every woman should have in their closet for fall and winter. If you want to join in on the fun, simply post photos or videos on your Instagram account tagging them #The5MustHaves and @cleveland8284 and @talizat. I’m posting mine on Instagram today, but also thought it would be good to also do a blog post with my items. 

I live in chilly Canada where I can see snow for eight months at a time. so my first must have is a nice warm parka. I don’t look good in black, so I thought I’d buy a nice cobalt blue one. I got it on sale a couple years ago at the end of the season, I get lots of compliments on it, and I definitely won’t be getting lost in a snowstorm anytime soon!

My next must have item is a pair of warm boots. I wanted a pair that looked stylish and not bulky as I already have a pair of Sorel’s when the weather hits -35 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit for my US friends). So I snagged these London Fog beauties on sale for $80. Loving the buffalo plaid and they are so comfy and light.

My third must have is a well-made cotton sweater. I find wool too itchy and acrylic is way too hot for me. I was so happy when this gorgeous cotton sweater went on sale at Old Navy for $15. It is warm, yet stylish without being too bulky. I like that it is a tunic style so I can wear it with leggings. And I absolutely love the colour! I also bought it in mustard and raspberry. 

My fourth must have is a knitted hat. It can get windy in the fall and downright brutal in the winter. My favourite knitted hat is this bun hat from I love that it is super soft so I don’t get an itchy forehead. The best part though is the hole at the top so I can wear my bun as the pom-pom! I can also wear my pony tail through the hole too! No more hat head worries while staying warm!

My final must have item is a blanket scarf. I know these are everywhere and are probably just a trend, but for me they are a way of life. I get too hot or too cold at the drop of a hat so I love wearing a blanket scarf around my neck. If I get too hot, I just take it off, but if I get too cold, I take it off my neck and wrap myself in it. So what if I decide to take a nap because it’s got me covered! 😉

So there you go! What are your five must haves for fall and winter? Let me know in the comments below.

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