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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Faux Paw

I don’t understand why some humans don’t dress their age. Everyone has had their younger years at one time and need to eventually step aside and let the next generation wear the clothes you once wore that now are no longer appropriate for you.

Ladies, when I see a woman over the age of forty wearing whiskered jeans, I want to know if she thinks she’s cool that she raided her teenager’s closet. Not only do you look stupid, but you also look heavier than you are due to the horizontal striping (whiskering) on your thighs. Whiskered jeans are only to be worn in your 20’s and if you have a boyish body – ie. no hips or thighs. Rockstars and models can also get away with this style. So if you’re not listed here, please don’t wear them.


Gentlemen, your example of not dressing your age for today is not wearing motorcycle clothing especially if you don’t own a motorcycle. When you do this you look like a middle-aged poser. Put on some age appropriate khakis and a polo shirt. You will thank me when the ladies actually start showing you some interest.

These are only two of the many examples for dressing too young for your age. Maybe if you’re lucky and recommend this blog to everyone you meet, someday I will list other age faux paws.

My big tip of the day is don’t shop at stores aimed at teenagers or people in their 20’s. The clothing styles are made smaller and cheaper looking for the youngsters, More often than not, the styles are too young for the mature woman or man.



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