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Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday's Faux Paw


Sandal season is in full swing bringing with it another faux paw. I’ve seen many women (and believe me at my height I get close-ups of people’s feet all the time) wearing gorgeous sandals and sporting ugly, dry, callused feet. Why would anyone want to show off their feet when they look like that? I know what you may be thinking, “But I can’t afford a pedicure.” or “The person who does my pedicures is away on vacation.” These are not excuses. Learn to do your own pedicure. I’m certain there are tons of YouTube videos on the subject. I know that Joelle uses Revlon’s Pedi-Expert and she bought it for around $8. Or you could buy the well-known Ped Egg. Either way just do something to fix your feet or for heaven’s sake throw on some shoes so I don’t have to see them.



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