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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Faux Paw

10495334_496350327168085_8630724138548137414_oYes skinny jeans are a big trend still. Yes everyone is wearing them. But I’m here to say the look on men and women can be less-than-flattering at times. And to be honest with you, I’m really not big on skinny jeans on male humans period. And then there’s the problem of wearing them way too tight. Human females – when shopping for skinny jeans, don’t get hung up on the tag size announcing to everyone “Look I’m a size 6!!” and try to squish and contort you body into them. If you have a muffin top while wearing your skinny jeans, they are too tight. (Woman at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru the other day, I’m talking to you!) However if they are too loose, you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing a second layer of wrinkled, saggy skin (also not a good look). They should fit snugly, so grab some with lycra for some extra stretch. But never should they show every “lump and bump” if you know what I mean. The look on the gal’s face in the photo truly says it all! Thanks to Joelle’s friend Carla for sharing the photo. My rating for this Faux Paw is:





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