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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tueday's OOTW - Shoe Betcha!

Well the weather has been holding up quite nicely so here’s another installment of local shooting in Edmonton. I was asking my husband for a really cool place to shoot that wasn’t too far away from our house. He had the great suggestion of taking the photos in front of the giant clogs at Southgate Transit Centre. It sure is handy to be married to a bus driver because he knows the city so well. The location also brought back happy memories of almost six years ago where near the giant clogs (they weren’t created yet) we shot some of our wedding photos with Tim pushing me around in a shopping cart in the Safeway parking lot.


When I was grumpy while we were dating, Tim would always say, “That’s it! I’m returning you to the frozen turkey section in Safeway!” He looks rather pleased with himself in this photo. Side note: The cup holder also worked great as a bouquet holder.

For my Outfit Of The Week, I wanted to break out some florals and colour. The winter has been a long one and I’m going to be taking advantage of any warm weather that comes my way. I love the small bits of coral in the pattern of the pants so I thought I’d bring it out more with coral shoes and a purse. I also love different shades of blues together so I threw on my favourite cobalt blazer over my teal shirt which I am wearing backwards because I found the buttons on it too distracting with my necklace. The blazer kept me warm because it was a bit windy (check out my messy hair). Are you ready for spring and summer?

Sunglasses ??? (similar) // Necklace $2 eBay (similar) // Purse $30 Reitmans (similar) // Blazer $35 Reitmans (similar)  // Shirt $10 Ricki’s (similar) // Pants $12 Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes $25 Call It Spring (similar)







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