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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Ten Step Closet Purge

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Spring is finally here on the prairies! I think we have finally seen the last of the white stuff. My indicator of spring is when my husband takes off my winter tires I see the birds returning and nesting in the tree in my front yard.

Being that spring is supposed to be a time of renewal and rebirth, I thought I would incorporate some change into my life. I started with my closet as there were tons of things I no longer wore. Nine garbage bags of clothes, purses, and shoes to give away later, I cannot believe I did it! Admission: coming from a poor family I am a hoarder. I hold onto things thinking that I will wear them again or for sentimental reasons. The good news for you is that if I can do it so can you! First I thought of something I could do for myself once this job was completed to motivate me. I chose getting a massage which I’m going for today! Choose something for yourself. Choose it now – I’ll wait.

Got it chosen? Good! Now let me tell walk you through the ten steps:

  1. Find a place where you would like to donate the clothes that are in good shape but you no longer want. I am taking mine to our church’s garage sale to raise money for our parish. After the sale the leftovers are going to St. Vincent de Paul.
  2. Grab a garbage bag for those clothes that are too worn, stained etc. to donate and be ready to throw stuff away.
  3. Make a pile for items you’d like to sell on eBay, Kijiji, Trend Trunk etc.
  4. Grab one box for items you no longer wish to keep in your closet, but wish to store for sentimental reasons. Choose wisely as you’re only allowed one box for this.
  5. Have a bag for recycling just in case something needs to be recycled.
  6. Make a pile for anything that needs to be taken to a tailor to be altered, mended, etc.
  7. Make a pile for anything you are unsure about to try on. This will most likely give you an answer as to whether or not it needs to go.
  8. Have a bag for special items that you’d like to give to a family member, friend, etc. My Mom gets excited when I’m cleaning out my closet.
  9. Now go through each item in your closet with this saying in the back of your mind, “If I were shopping today would I buy this now?” If not, out it goes! Be very honest here.
  10. Finish the job! Try the things on from your unsure pile and assign them to piles, take the donated things to the donation centre, throw the garbage items out, sell the for sale items, put away your sentimental box, recycle the recycled things, take the stuff that needs tailoring to the tailor, and give the bag to that family member/friend.

And we’re done! Now make sure you celebrate by doing whatever you promised yourself at the start that you would do. Hope this has helped you to tame that wild closet.

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