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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw

Zeke here. I am never letting Cooper write my column ever again (check out her horrible entry here to see what I mean). She can never criticise anyone's style. Lucky for all of you I can and I'm going to right now. Ladies, I saw an unacceptable make up faux paws the other day. I call it "The Reverse Raccoon . This poor woman put way too light concealer underneath her eyes. The good news - I could no longer see her dark under eye circles. The bad news, she looked like she was wearing a whitish mask underneath her eyes. When you go to choose a concealer you want to wear under the eyes, make sure that it matches your skin tone. It can be a bit lighter, but also make sure you look in the mirror before leaving the house. If underneath your eyes it looks lighter than the rest of your skin, then grab your foundation and blend it until it matches the rest of your face. Otherwise I will think that in your spare time you like to rummage through garbage. 
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  1. Good article Zeke....good to have you back at the keyboard....woof!


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