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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw

Hey everyone! I'm Cooper - Zeke's sister. Zeke told me I could do his column today as he is too busy to write it - although I just saw him outside lying in the sun. What Zeke usually does is pick something that someone isn't doing right and tell them what they are doing wrong. That's so mean. I'm not going to do that. Everyone is just out there trying to make a go of things and Zeke doesn't have to be so grouchy. Everybody looks good! Everything is great! If you are happy then that's all that matters! So I will tell you about how sunny it is outside and I eat smell flowers and play with Zeke in the backyard. I love summer! I also love every other season too. Oh look there's a bird over there. Hooooowl, bark, bark, woof, woof, ruhr, ruhr, ruhr. I'm so glad I got to write this column today and hope everyone is having as wonderful of a day as I am! Keep looking great!


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