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Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw

Are you ever in for a treat today! Zeke is too busy lying on the deck in the sun to write his column today, so I found a wonderful guest blogger to discuss today's Faux Paw. Her name is Carla Mysko and she's been a friend of mine since our high school days back in Saskatoon. So without further ado, here's today's faux paw.

Bottoming out - - leave the past in the past

At the recent Canada Day celebration I noticed a few fairly nasty fashion trends, which is probably nothing unusual the minute you get a large number of people out to an event. Anyway, one of the most disturbing looks is the reappearance of the high-waisted and short-bottomed short which I had noticed a particular clothing company (American App*#el) trying to promote along with a store full of rejected fashion trends of the 80s.

In my opinion, these shorts were hideous back in the 70s and early 80s. They do nothing good for the figure; they show a little more than should be seen in most cases, and the widen the rear causing a “Mom butt” effect. That is bad enough but even if you are a slender and fit person who has spent a many hours working on your physique, the front gives the illusion of the dreaded camel toe. This is the problem with the tight look that pulls from a place somewhere above the belly button. How can this be comfortable? Ladies, it is not flattering. It cuts you in the wrong place, creates a top-heaviness and actually makes you look short in the torso.

Do yourselves a favour, leave the past in the past, don’t resurrect what should stay dead – instead, wear what suits your body and shape. Follow old trends and it’s a short trip down the rabbit hole before you resurrect the zip-around pant…and you don’t want to do that…it’s a really nasty trip.

Usually I blog about all things educational, so writing about fashions that bother me is something different. I say that, but fashion is educational experience. If you are interested in issues of education as they pertain to schooling, come by and take a look at my blog –

I think based on Carla's review this offence should have this rating:

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