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Thursday, October 05, 2017

How To Kill It On Instagram

I get asked a few times a month why I have so many followers on Instagram. I thought it’s time to create a post so I can just send a link when someone asks as it’s a lot to keep typing out.

So here’s what has worked for me. Hope you can find things off this list that will work for you.

1. Find People Who Genuinely Interest You And Follow Them.

To me Instagram is the most fickle form of social media. But I have been blessed to find people who I love their style and their personality. When someone takes the time to comment on more than one of my photos with well thought out comments, I will comment back and follow them. Comments like “Pretty!” or random emojis are lame and not worth a follow back. Often the people I follow will follow me back and a comment relationship and possible friendship begins. It’s a beautiful thing!

2. Create Awesome Content.

I find it sad that I have to say this, but post great content. There are plenty of articles on the Internet to read about how to create a great Instagram page. I have read many of them and it has truly helped me.

3. Be Consistent With Your Posting.

It drives me nuts when someone I follow doesn’t post for a few days then bombards my feed with three or more posts in a row. The bottom line is set a posting schedule for yourself and be realistic. I only post once in 24 hours because that’s all I have time for. If you can realistically do more than that, then go ahead. Just be consistent.

4. Run Great Giveaways.

I have gained many followers by running giveaways pretty much every three weeks. I run these giveaways by myself or I team up with one other company. I don’t like loop giveaways and probably will never do one. I think they are too time consuming for my followers and due to the high volume of entries a chance of winning are extremely low. I don’t enter them either.

5. Get Yourself A Blog.

I have been blogging off and on since 2013. Many of my followers read my blog and then decide to follow me on Instagram. The most successful Instagram accounts I have seen almost always have a blog or website attached to them. I view Instagram as an added benefit to my blog and not a stand alone business. Not everyone wants to just look at pretty photos because they want to know you and see content. Many people want an actual article to go with those photos. And no, writing a long dialogue to post with your Instagram photo doesn’t work. Most people don’t read the write-ups that accompany Instagram photos. Instagram is not the forum for blog posts. Get an actual blog.

I hope these suggestions help you to become the Instagram superstar you want to be. Did I miss something? Have a comment or question? Feel free to comment below.

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