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Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday's Faux Paw

Today’s faux paw I write on behalf of Joelle who had to sit through an entire Mass gasping for air. Why do you ask? Well it wasn’t the incense (although she was indeed incensed), it was the person in front of her that decided it was a good idea to have a bath – in perfume! I am a dog, so I can smell things way better than a human but yet I am not allowed to attend Mass so I am relying on Joelle’s story of this event. What truly matters here is that no one should wear too much perfume/cologne. How much is too much? Here are some rules for wearing perfume for women and cologne for men:

1. Do not wear an evening scent during the day. An evening scent is stronger and more powerful than a daytime scent which is lighter and more office appropriate. If your favourite evening scent has a light eau de toilette/cologne version, it might be appropriate for daytime.

2. Women: apply perfume before you get dressed. Hold the bottle six inches away from yourself and spray one spray on each wrist and on the neck. Alternatively you can spray one spray into the air and walk through it. Do not spray perfume onto your clothes because it will be scent overload and could possibly ruin your clothes. Men: spray cologne on your hands and apply to neck, ears, and chest. Or spray one spray directly on neck, ears, and chest. Use a maximum of three sprays.

3. Be intimate with fragrance. Fragrance is not supposed to overwhelm, it’s supposed to be subtle. Marian Bendeth fragrance expert and owner of Sixth Sense has said, “People further than an inch away from you shouldn’t be able to smell your perfume. If you’re applying more than a spritz because you can’t smell it yourself anymore, it’s time to introduce your nose to something else.”

If you don’t comply to the above, I give you this rating: 

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