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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's OOTW - Hipster Fox

I’m a total nerdy girl from way back. I was the only kid in class who got 100% on the exam, essay, or presentation. I got sent to the academic school. (I really enjoyed the hour bus ride there and back each day. Thanks Mom and Dad!) I was the one who went up and helped the teacher solve the word problem in Algebra when he couldn’t. Did I mention I also wore glasses that took up half of my face, was an ugly duckling, skinny as a rail, with low self-esteem, and to make matters worse I was painfully shy? Yep. Good times.

Things have changed. In grade twelve I got contact lenses, became more swan-like, got some curves, and because of drama I was more confident and outgoing. But I never lost my inner nerd. She saw this hipster fox sweater and said, “Yep, glasses are hot and so is being a nerd!” So now I too am a hipster fox – well sometimes, when I put on make-up, and dress nice, and do my hair, get enough sleep, in the right lighting… hmmmm… maybe some things never change!

Glasses Kate Spade $200 (similar) // Earrings Forever 21 $5 (similar) // Necklace Smart Set $5 (in store now) // Sweater Old Navy $25 // Denim Shirt Reitmans $20 (similar) // Purse Smart Set $20 – Totally looks like a Rebecca Minkoff purse! //Pants Smart Set $49 // Shoes Call It Spring $20 (similar)





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