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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's OOTW - Double Rainbows!!!

What does it mean?!? It means a while back I went shopping at a favourite consignment store with a good friend. She pointed out a sweet pair of never worn rainbow heels. I think that maybe they ended up there because let’s face it, it takes a certain kind of person to wear rainbow pumps. For better or for worse, I’m that kind of person. And this is how I feel when I wear them.

Sunglasses ?? (similar) // Blazer COSTCO $30 (similar) // Blouse Suzy Shier $20 (similar) // Purse Smart Set $20 //Silver Pyramid Bracelet ebay $1 // Silver Rhinestone Bracelet ebay $1 // Silver Stud Bracelet Smart Set Sold In A Set Of Three $5 (In Stores) // Cords Joe Fresh $20 // Pumps $30 Caprice Consignment (Cannot find anything similar, sorry!)



035They are so beautiful!! *crying*

Would you rock rainbow shoes?


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