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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Joelle's Favourite Top Ten Fashion Trends For Fall 2011

Fall is coming and there are many trends to consider if you wish to update your wardrobe. I haven’t listed all of them, just my personal top ten favourite trends for the fall 2011 season in no particular order.

1. Prints
With polka dots, tribal, plaid, paisley, floral, graphic, abstract, and python (the new leopard) to choose from, why wear a blah solid?

2. Menswear
Women in menswear always turns a few heads. If you’re feeling brave, include a vest with your suit. For a feminine touch, add a frilly blouse under your suit. And grab some high heeled oxfords!
3. The 60’s
They’re baaack! Throw on a dropped waist tunic, a mod shift dress or brocade bell bottoms and embrace your inner Mad Men woman. Remember if you wore the trend in the actual 60’s, take a pass on it now.

4. Bold Colour
This one is mostly for the brave women out there because you are going to get noticed, even from far away. Find some bright pink, orange, deep purple, teal, taxicab yellow, crimson, or cobalt blue. Wear one piece (for example jeans) in a bright colour and keep the rest of your outfit plain. For the super brave, wear more than one colour in unexpected combinations.

5. Leather Skirts
While the leather jacket will always be in style, this fall leather skirts are also sharing the spotlight. They look great in pencil, mini, and a-line. Pair one with your favourite cashmere sweater and black opaque tights.

6. Fur
For my vegan friends, yes it can be fake! Fur is showing up as coats, collars, skirts, and on boots. Feel free to take a cue from designers and buy real fur that looks fake or fake fur that looks real.

7. Black and White
Solids or patterned, black and white is here to stay! Here’s a tip to not look like a waiter, wear the black on top and the white on the bottom to channel your inner Jackie O.

8. Metallic
Not just for accessories anymore, metallic is showing up as skirts, dresses, coats, and even suits and jeans.

9. Capes
This trend has been seen everywhere this fall. Capes have run the gamut from casual ponchos to attire fit for an evening gown. If you’re under 5’8”, go for a shorter cape so you don’t look frumpy.

10. Jumpsuits
Yes this little 70’s number is back with a vengeance. If you are scared to try this daunting one-piece, go for a solid colour with a thicker fabric. Staying monochromatic will make you look taller and thinner. Keep an eye on this trend because jumpsuits are currently walking down the runway for spring 2012.

Well, that's all she wrote! Sorry for putting this up so late in the day, but it was a lot of work to complete. See you Monday!


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