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Monday, September 12, 2011

Joelle's Favourite Top Ten Beauty Trends For Fall 2011

Today I'm going to share my favourite beauty trends for fall 2011 in no particular order.

1. Flushed Cheeks
Don't pile on the blush, instead make it look like you just came inside from a cold day.

2. Pops of Colour
These bright colours will make you forget that the days are getting shorter. But just choose either your eyes or your lips so you don't look like you belong in the 80's.

3. Nail Trends
The colours to go to for fall are dark and mysterious or natural. You can't go wrong with purple, plum, blue, teal, wine, red, black, silver, pewter, grey, or beige. Make the normal french manicure more modern by using an opague neutral colour like beige instead of pink and black tips instead of white. Also try out the half-moon manicure (shown above) which is very popular.

4. Turquoise Eyeliner
Why not give your black a rest and try this bold colour to line your eyes? An extra bonus is it will make blue or green eyes pop.

5. The Kitten Eye
If you think that the bold cat eye is not for you, why not try the kitten eye? It is pretty much the same look except you make the wing of the eyeliner stop a bit shorter.

6. The Metallic Eye
Each fall the metallic eye seems to be popular. While silver or pewter is always a great look, spotted on many runways were gold shadowed peepers which looked beautiful.

7. Purple Lips
Red lips are still very popular this fall, but this year they got some serious competition from the rich purple lips seen on the runway. If you are scared to try this, go for a lighter plum lipstick.

8. Strong Brows
They are back with a vengeance. No more bleaching or plucking - yay!

9. The Smoky Eye
Another fall favourite in browns, blacks, and pewters, but this year the purple smoky eye is a great addition to your evening out make-up arsenal.

10. Nude Make-Up
The trick here is to wear make-up, but make it look like you're not wearing any. This tends to confuse men so why let them know?

Wednesday I will be back with my favourite top 10 fall 2011 accessories. See you then!


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