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Thursday, December 15, 2016

I Have A Christmas Party To Attend And I Don't Know What To Wear!!!

Yes it’s that time of year again when we shop for gifts, wrap them, bake, decorate the house, visit loved ones, eat surprising amounts of food, and get invited to Christmas parties. No ideas on what to wear? Then check out the following suggestions. (All prices in Canadian dollars.)


Why not try a sequined dress? My favourites are:

Guess Sequined Chevron Dress The Bay $70

Sequinned Dress H&M $70

If you’re not brave enough for that, then wear a little black dress with a sequin jacket over it. And if you’re really scared of the sparkle, then wear glittery accessories and shoes.

Vintage Inspired
If you’re on a budget like me, then maybe you’ll want to buy a dress that will stay in style year after year. Some suggestions are:Beaded Chiffon Polka Dot Dress Ricki’s $90 
Lace Mesh Ruched Dress Ricki’s $110
Go Long
For something different, why not try a long dress for your holiday event outings? Some beautiful options are:
Sparkle Knit Halter Gown Le Chateau $225
If you like being daring and romantic, wear a lace dress. Here are some options:
Lace Romance Dress Ricki’s $90
If you’re more adventurous, then go for a trendy dress. Florals, off the shoulder, velvet, lace up, etc. Wear one of these and you’ll be fashion forward:
Cold Shoulder Dress Reitmans $46
Short Dress H&M $20
Wear A Jumpsuit!
Sometimes not wearing a dress is a great option! I picked up this awesome jumpsuit from Old Navy the other day on sale for $32!

Patterned Jumpsuit Old Navy $32

Hope that this helps everyone find their perfect holiday dress! What are you going to wear?

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