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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Six Reasons I Am Not Following You On Instagram

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Everyone seems to want more followers on Instagram these days – me included! I am no expert on Instagram, actually I am quite late to the party if truth be told. All I know are my personal reasons for not following others and maybe you can benefit from these tips and get more followers for your account.

1. You Have No Profile Photo

I want to virtually know who I’m following. If you have no profile photo, your account seems impersonal and sloppy so why would I be interested in your feed?

2. You Have No Profile Write-Up

Once again, I want to get to know you but how can I if you don’t fill in your profile write-up? If you do get around to filling it in, please tell me about yourself and what I can expect from your feed.

3. Your Profile Is Set To Private

I am not going to send you a request in order just to see your feed and then decide if I’m interested in following you or not. Time waster.

4. You Have 17K Followers And Are Following 500 People

Yeah you are kind of just following me to get me to follow back then you’re going to unfollow me. This game is so tacky. I only want you to follow me because my feed interests you – THAT’S THE ONLY REASON.

5. You Have Nothing But Selfies In Your Feed

Not only is that boring to look at, it is also very narcissistic. Not interested.

6. You Post More Than Two Times A Day

I don’t care how interesting your feed is, if you post more than twice a day you are choking up my newsfeed and keeping me from seeing posts from everyone else I follow. Pass.

So that’s pretty much the criteria I look at when deciding whether to follow someone. See you on Instagram!

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