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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday's OOTW - Polka Dots Rock!

I feel crazy admitting this as a fashion blogger, but until recently I never owned any shorts other than a blue denim pair or two. I have tons of skirts and dresses, but was short on shorts. (See what I did there? Yep lack of sleep has caught up to me – see why here.) I was at WALMART the other day and couldn’t pass up this cute white pair. They were only $7! So I also bought them in black and a faded blue pair. Plus I actually needed them. I have lost a lot of the baby weight, but still need to ditch the last dreaded ten pounds. Therefore not a lot of things are fitting me nowadays (a huge thanks to my roommate for letting me wear his shorts to Saskatoon). It’s been super hot in Edmonton these days and jeans just were not going to cut it anymore. I was actually getting tired of wearing dresses and skirts all the time. It was also rather windy while wearing a skirt the other day and a passersby saw more of me than I would’ve liked! 😛

Hat $5 WALMART (in stores now) // Blouse $20 Reitmans (in stores now) // Purse $10 Smart Set (in stores now) // Shorts $7 WALMART (in stores now) // Shoes $8 Army & Navy (in stores now)







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