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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inspiration Is Everywhere: Six Things That Inspire Me

Writing a blog takes a a lot of work. Sometimes I find that I’m uninspired when it comes time to post an entry. Then I just look to my muses and I find the inspiration that I’m searching for. Here in no particular order are the people, places, and things that inspire me the most these days: 

I am truly inspired by autumn. Crisp air, apple cider, going for walks, changing leaves, textured fabrics, fires in our burn pit outside, football games, no mosquitoes, and nice weather. I love it so much I got married on a gorgeous autumn day almost 5 years ago.
Marilyn Monroe
Yes she is many people’s inspiration and lately she has been mine as well, but not just for her looks, talent, or style. She had a tragic upbringing, mental illness, self-doubt and tried to rise above it all. I admire that and I admire her.
As a newbie to Pinterest I am so addicted. I get so much inspiration from the many pins I see day-to-day. I even have our blog as one of my boards there. If you want to follow me click here.
My Husband Tim
Always strong, always there for me, always sporting a classic style, he’s easy on the eyes too! In the nine years we’ve known each other, he inspires me everyday to be a better person, makes a mean green juice, supports me, makes me laugh, helps me to get healthy, to strive for my dreams, and get shit stuff done. (The photo below: Tim’s in his transit operator uniform with my co-blogger, Zeke when he was a baby.)
If you read our blog regularly, you have probably seen quite a few of my great finds on ebay. I simply love shopping from my home, getting stuff delivered to my door, and the crazy volume and variety of different items way less than going to a store. I start out looking for something specific but on the way I see other wonderful things I never would have thought of. Try it and you’ll get hooked too!
My Friend Angela
We’ve only known each other since October, but we have fun together shopping (she introduced me to the Caprice Consignment store – the place I got the rainbow shoes), going for walks, attending church, and trying new places to eat. She has tons of energy and has been really supportive and helpful since I’ve been ill – especially by just listening or driving us around when I’ve been unable to drive.
Who or what inspires you?
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