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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where I Get Wonderful Accessories For Super Cheap

I know I'm not the only one who knows the importance of good accessories. I use them often to add to or completely transform an outfit. But where oh where do I get such wonderful necklaces like these?






The answer is eBay!! Here are my reasons for choosing eBay:

  1. I don't have to leave home and can shop in my pyjamas.
  2. No money spent on gas.
  3. I can shop any time I want.
  4. No pushy salespeople.
  5. Paying up to 80% less than in store.
  6. Wide selection. Some things not available in Canada.
  7. Saves time. I can check out a whole bunch of items in a matter of minutes.
So seriously - what are you waiting for? Setting up an account is free through eBay. And you'll need to set up an account at PayPal with your credit card to pay for your purchases. PayPal also protects your purchase so it gets to you safely. And if you are scared of auctions where you have to bid to compete with others for the item, then just stick to "Buy It Now" items, where you just pay the price the person is asking. All of the necklaces shown were won by me in auctions, because that's where you can usually get the best price as the bidding for all of these necklaces started at one cent!

So have fun and start accessorizing the cheap and easy way!

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