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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Season Is Upon Us

Along with the nicer weather, wedding season is here again. I’m heading off to Saskatoon on June 1st to see my brother tie the knot. The only problem I had to face (and many of you will as well) is: “What the heck do I wear?!?!?” Yes, I have tons of things that would be suitable, but for me a wedding is a wonderful excuse to buy something new. So I went shopping – a lot. I went to a consignment store, Winners, Smart Set, Ricki’s, H&M, Le Ch√Ęteau, The Bay, Cleo, WAL-MART and even Mark’s Work Wearhouse. I ended up buying two dresses at H&M but wasn’t jazzed up about either of them. Finally I just threw my hands up in the air and went to Value Village. I lost hope almost immediately as the dresses looked like they were stolen from an 80’s sitcom. But then I saw the cutest dress. And it was my size! And it fit!! Here is my find:

And yes it was only $16.99! Now to jazz it up a bit, I’m going to add some royal blue to the mix:

Here’s the breakdown on what I spent:

Dress $16.99 Value Village
Blazer $38.00 Reitmans
Necklace $4.25 eBay
Shoes $30.00
Total: $89.24

So the moral of the story is when all else fails, head to your nearest second hand shop.

To help you out while you look for the perfect ensemble, here is a list of what not to wear to a wedding:

  1. White because that is solely reserved for the bride
  2. Anything too short. Knee length or longer is best.
  3. Anything too sleazy – showing too much cleavage or something skin-tight is not a good idea.
  4. Flip flops. They are way too casual unless it’s a beach wedding and even then you could find some cure sandals to wear instead.
  5. Denim – way too casual.
  6. The colour the bridal party is wearing so you don’t look like a part of it when you aren’t.
  7. Shorts – even if they are dressy they are still too casual.
  8. Anything that is not part of the dress code if there is one established on the invitation. For example wearing a sundress to a black tie wedding is not acceptable.

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