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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

No More Dry, Frizzy, Crazy Hair!

Yes, I must admit I have fallen prey to the Pinterest machine (click here for my account). There are so many useful things that I have spent way too much time pinning when I should be doing something else like a blog entry cleaning the house. I have started a board called Pinspiration to show the pins that have inspired me to try something. I also write about my experience and what to change or avoid on each pin I pin to Pinspiration. And that bring us to today's blog entry.

The pin in question was taken from the How Does She? blog - you can find the article the pin is based on here. Anyhow, the pin was about using coconut oil on you hair as a conditioner. I didn't have my computer in front of me a few days ago when I decided to take a leisurely bath so I did my own thing instead of following the instructions. I left the coconut oil on for about 20 minutes and didn't apply heat. I applied it to most of my hair but kept it far away from the roots. Then I tied my hair up with an elastic and had my bath enjoying the wonderful coconut smell. I washed my hair once with shampoo then applied my Aussie conditioner which also has a coconut smell. It totally works!! My once dry and frizzy hair now feels soft and looks and smells beautiful! I loved it so much I did it again two days later. 

In conclusion, this is a wonderful addition to any gal's beauty arsenal. Give it a try! You won't be disappointed.


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