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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can't Wait For Spring!! The Top Ten Trends For Spring/Summer Fashion

Normally I am most excited for fall fashion. I love the fall textures, colours, and especially taking out my many pairs of boots. But for some unexplained reason, this year I am so excited about spring. Most likely because of all of the wonderful colours that seem to be popping up everywhere. Here's a quick run down of what we are starting to see everywhere:

1. Coloured Denim
Yes coloured denim is still everywhere, not just jeans, but now pants, shorts, and even capris. I have already purchased orange, red, navy, and white jeans and green pants. I still would like to add some purple jeans and cobalt blue jeans to the mix.

2. Colour Blocking
Colour blocking is still very popular this spring. If you are scared to mix brights, then colour block some nutrals instead. Unsure how to do it? Then invest in an already colour blocked for you dress.

3. Nautical
Ahoy, matey! Nautical is once again making an appearance for spring. Look for horizontal striped tees in red/white or navy/white, blazers in a solid like red, navy, or white, and even shoes in the same colours either solid or striped. If the look is not for you, then why not paint your nails in those colours?

4. Bold Pastels
Yes bright colours are in, but bold pastels are huge right now too. Because they are not as pale as in the past choose clothes with clean lines, and keep the neutrals for shoes and accessories.

5. Florals
With spring there are flowers and not just outside! Floral patterns are everywhere this season. To avoid overdoing this look, you only need one statement piece for maximum impact. There's also no need for lots of jewelry or make-up.

6. Pleats
Knife, accordion, or crystal, going with something pleated this season and you'll be in style. For extra glam, add some shimmer or shine. A skirt is the best way to show off some killer pleats. Don't over do your hair and pair it with some strappy platforms.

7. The White Shirt
The white shirt has taken on many a new appearance this year. Designers have knotted, tucked, slashed, warpped, drapped, and layerd it to create a a new way of wearing this wardrobe staple. You don't have to tuck it in, but pair it with a short skirt for a more modern look. Keep accessories white as well - except for your shoes of course.

8. Neon
Are the 80's rearing their head again? I think so! Neon is back with a vengeance. Try a pair of taxi cab yellow pants or a flourescent orange mini skirt. If you're not brave enough, why not some lime green pumps?

9. Shimmer
Clothes have been starting to glow this spring inspired by how water looks being lit by moonlight. You can try this trend with pearly colours in uncomplicated silhouettes. Only do this with one item of clothing. This is wearable during the day too!

10. High Waists
This is not a look that everyone can pull off. Your legs will look longer, and you won't have the "muffin top" bulge, but if you have wide hips, these pants can make you look wider because of the higher up waist. Tuck in your shirt, otherwise people won't know you're wearing a high waist pant at all. Wide pants work best with a lean jacket. A high waisted pencil skirt looks good with a loose blouse.

Zeke will be here Friday with another Faux Paw. I'll be back Monday to talk about something extremely important. Stay tuned!

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