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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

I am tired of looking at orange humans! I'm talking about you Snooki and many others! Yes for those who don't know, dogs can see in colour although not as many colours as humans can. Before you get too high on yourselves, know that dogs can smell and hear things way better than humans so I think that kind of makes up for the whole colour situation. At any rate, I am not quite sure why a human would want to look like a fruit. I know that orange is the au courant colour, but as a skin tone it just looks bad. Certain spray tans and self-tanners are the culprits behind this growing epidemic. I am not suggesting you suntan or fake bake instead because both things age you prematurely. So a spray tan or self tanner is the way to go. If you head out to get air-brushed, try going somewhere that is recommended by friends who don't look orange. If you do it yourself, research which self-tanners will give you a natural look. Try some as a test on a small area before you do your whole body and remember to exfoliate thoroughly first so you don't look streaked.


  1. I keep expecting a hoard of rabbits to attack her, thinking shes a giant walking carrot


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