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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Faux Paw

First off I want to wish my Mom and co-blogger, Joelle a very happy birthday today. For some reason humans get hung up on their age, but I still think she looks great. I had hoped she would have gotten bacon as a gift and shared it with me, but she told me that bacon is not a popular gift for a human on their birthday. I really cannot understand why bacon is not the ultimate birthday gift ever, so I will continue with this blog entry.

It is good for a women to look and feel beautiful and/or sexy, but many go about it the wrong way. As I watch Joelle get ready to go out for drinks tonight, I see her wearing a very short lace dress with bare arms. Then she covered up her legs in black tights, and her bare arms with a sparkly sequined jacket. The result was a totally sexy, yet age appropriate look.

Others however have not realized that you can look sexy without looking like men will have to pay you for your company. The basic rule of thumb for those over thirty-five is if you show your legs, cover up your top and vice-versa. No super short skirts with knee-high high heeled boots, unless you wear some black opaque tights. And no see through tops showing off your bra. You can still wear a see through top, but wear a camisole underneath. My verdict for not dressing age appropriate:

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