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Monday, November 07, 2011

How To Look Younger Part I

It sure would be nice if we all had lots of money (and weren’t scared) so we could have cosmetic surgery. But we don’t – at least that is what I am assuming. And surgery is a pretty drastic measure. So why not employ some of the following tips which don’t involve pain to help you turn back the clock?

Tip One - Apply mascara to your upper lashes only.

As we get older, dark under eye circles become more noticeable as well as those dreaded crows feet. Also mascara on the lower lashes can smudge and flake off more easily. If you are trying to draw attention away from those areas, then just put mascara on the upper lashes only.

Tip Two - Use age appropriate concealer.

Purchase under-eye concealer which doesn’t settle into wrinkles and skip the powder which can also settle into fine lines.

Tip Three - Colour the grey.

Stay within two shades of your natural colour so you avoid roots. As you get older you also lose colour in your face so make sure that the colour you choose isn’t too dark which will make you look older by washing you out. The colour that looks best now might be a lot lighter than what your natural haircolour was at one time.

Tip Four - Get a modern hair cut.

This no longer means you have to go short, this just means that if you wear the same hair style you've had for decades, you will look dated or like you're trying desperately to hang onto your youth. If you are petite, you could look like a 15-year-old with super long hair. Keep your hair between your chin and your shoulders. Side-swept bangs and hair no longer than your shoulders will take off years. Shoulder-length hair looks good on all women no matter their size, face shape or age.

Tip Five Dress age appropriately.

Know your body shape; this is essential to dressing appropriately for your age. Get in front of a full-length mirror and try on all the clothes in your closet. Get rid of anything that is too tight and too revealing. Remember to show skin appropriately. Tops that show off your shoulders and neckline are timeless and can be worn at any age. As you get older, stay away from teeny mini-skirts and the itty-bitty midriff-baring tops. Stick with the classic looks like a well-tailored jacket paired with classic-cut pants. If it is dresses that you adore, choose wrap dresses. These classic dresses look good on women of any age. Follow trends in small doses. It is okay to be trendy, but do it with accessories such as jewelry and scarves. Wearing a few accessories shows that you are still fashion forward but not a slave to clothing trends.

Tip Six - Stay in shape.

Everyone looks younger when they are physically fit. Try walking, yoga, water aerobics, pilates, the list is endless. But make sure you lift weights because they are many benefits to strength training as we age. Strength training increases your metabolism, increases and restores bone density, prevents injuries, improves balance, and decreases coronary disease. However don't lose too much weight. When you do, your face can look hollowed as you age and that will make you look older.

Tip Seven - Exfoliate.

Your skin is composed of layers of skin cells. Some dead skin cells remain bound to the skin. This can cause your skin to appear dull or damaged if excess dead skin cells build up.
Exfoliating frequently can remove the skin's natural oils that help to keep your skin soft. Because your skin naturally becomes drier as you age, exfoliating every day can be harmful. Instead, you should exfoliate no more than twice a week. And don't forget to exfoliate the rest of your body as well!

Tip Eight - Wear Sunscreen.

When it comes to the details of how to protect your skin in the sun, what you don’t know can damage your skin. The result of this damage is wrinkles, brown skin discolorations, dull-looking skin, and potentially even skin cancer. So make sure you wear a sunscreen in the winter with 15 SPF and a sunscreen in the summer with at least a 30 SPF. Don't forget to re-apply if you are in the sun for many hours, sweating, or in the water.
Tip Nine - Drink water!

If you want to stay young looking, make sure you drink at least 64 ounces (8 glasses at 8 ounces each)of water daily. There are many benefits of upping your water consumption including: 

  • Water helps the body get rid of acid waste and alkalize, slowing the aging process.
  • Water helps you fight colds and other viruses.
  • Water moisturizes your skin from the inside making it more youthful looking.
  • Dehydration is the No. 1 cause of daytime fatigue, headaches and heartburn.
  • Water helps the body metabolize fat, keeping you slimmer.
Tip Ten - Get a Good night's sleep.

Few things age you overnight more than a poor night's sleep. Your eyes are puffy, your skin sallow and dull and your face sags. Daily stress ages your face and body because of the release of cortisol and the increase of bad neurotransmitters like norepinephrine. Sleep is a time for your body to repair damage caused by stress, ultraviolet rays and other harmful exposures. Your cells produce more protein while you are sleeping. These protein molecules form the building blocks for cells, allowing them to repair damage. When you sleep soundly your body releases growth hormone – and for growth hormone read youth hormone. During sleep, your body also releases melatonin, which has incredibly positive effects on your skin and your immune system. So make sure you get as close to eight hours as you can!

Join me on Wednesday for How To Look Younger Part II.

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