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Monday, October 24, 2011

Joelle's Top 10 Fall 2011 Purchases

First off I would like to give a shout out to my friend MrS. E (Elysia) who runs a wonderful blog on scrapbooking and other crafts called MrS. chiEvous Crafts. Check it out at: I just won a wonderful Valentine's Day card from one of her contests and cannot wait to give it to my Sweetie this Valentine's Day. Thanks!

I thought I'd share with everyone the Top 10 things I bought recently for fall. It is my hope that these will inspire you to revamp your wardrobe, accessories, and make-up to add a bit of current trends.

Leather Flared Skirt from eBay $51.16 If you don't want to hit eBay (I am not sure as to why you wouldn't!) you can find one that is a bit shorter at Danier for $89.99

Silver Sequin Skirt $25.00 from eBay I found some at Forever XXI that were around the same price, but way shorter.
Leather Pants from eBay $24.00 You can find a similar pair at Danier for $129.00

 Chili Tingle Lip Tint from LUSH $8.95
Cropped Wool Blend Peacoat from Old Navy $55.00
Men's Madras Shirt from Old Navy $9.99
Leather Clutch from eBay $11.56 These can be found almost anywhere for $25-$50

Sequin Top (yes I see a pattern of shiny purchases as of late) from Forever XXI $21.80

Aqua Black Lace Dress from eBay $24.50 Similar ones can be found everywhere from $50-$100

Shoeties from WALMART $25.00 I cannot find a photo on the net so I will take one of them tomorrow when I am awake. I find that all of this shopping can make you exhausted! *wink* And with that I am off to bed. Goodnight and sweet dreams of chasing down a great deal!

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  1. Your absolutely welcome, Joelle! I'm so glad you've received your card, and happy to know your going to share it!
    Also thanks for all the awesome clothing advise, I'll make sure to spend some extra time looking when I'm out shopping next! Lord knows I need it, LOL (I'm sure you'd just die if you knew what purse I currently am using, hey maybe I'll blog that tomorrow...)
    Feel free to stop in on my blog I just decided, I will be doing a 5 weeks of Christmas give away in December for my fans!! I know, I'm so crazy!!
    TTFN~ Elysia @


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