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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Celebrity Style For Less

Ever wanted to dress like a celebrity but didn't have the funds to do so? I decided to get photos of four celebrities sporting looks that you can pull off, then show you how to get their looks for less. All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. Let's get started!

Jennifer Aniston always dresses in classic clothes that look good on anyone:

Now let's get this look for less:

You can buy all of these pieces right now at the following stores:

Leather Moto Jacket Danier $129.99
Rib Detail Open Cardigan Ricki's $49.50
Tank Top $10.00 Old Navy
Boot Cut Jeans $29.99 Old Navy
Birchler Handbag $45.00 Aldo
Floral Necklace (To get the look wear 2 at different lengths) $5.80 each Forever 21
Gentsy Ankle Boots $26.24 Aldo
Total Price: $302.32 This is less money than she spent on her purse alone!

Liv Tyler has usually more of a funky boho style. Here she is looking rather preppy:

Here's basically the same look for less:
For this look I used a combination of shopping in-store and online:

Shawl Front Cardigan $44.94 Old Navy

Polka Dot Blouse $17.80 Forever 21
Tip Your Hat Fedora $16.00 Claire's
Jeans $12.50 Forever 21
Chelsea Flat $16.99 Payless

Total Price: $108.23 This is less than she spent on just her jeans!

What a cute look Joy Bryant is wearing:

You can also wear this for less:

I gave two suggestions for the dress because not everyone is comfortable wearing bright yellow. To create this look I used my favourite place to buy clothes and accessories - eBay. The following items are available right now on eBay and are priced including shipping:

Bill Blass Jean Jacket $15.87 including shipping
Floral Print Yellow Dress $26.99 including shipping 
Or H & M Yellow Ruffle Tiered Dress $54.17 including shipping 
Belt $17.55 including shipping 
Cowboy Boots $42.48 including shipping 
Brown Purse $12.75 including shipping 
Total Price with first dress: $102.89
Total price with second dress: $130.87 This is less than she spent on her dress alone!

Katie Holmes is quite tall - around 5"9' and dresses wonderfully:

Here's a comparable outfit:

I shopping strictly online on an American website to create this look:

Neutral Pleather Moto Jacket $39.99 US Dollars Charlotte Russe 
Black Dress $29.99 US Dollars Charlotte Russe 
Black Sandals $39.50 US Dollars Charlotte Russe 
Total price in US dollars including shipping: $138.20 This is less than she spent on her shoes!

And for our last celebrity look I have chosen Kate Beckinsale:

And the look for less:

The following items are available in stores now:

Trench $59.94 Old Navy 
Beret $11.50 Claire's 
Ring $6.80 Forever 21 
Leather Pants $129.00 Danier 
Boots $59.98 Spring 
Total Price: $267.22 This is less than she spent on her trench!

So as you can see, you too can look like you have way more money to spend on clothes than you do!

Here's to hunting down those fashion savy great deals!

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  1. I am hopeful that all fans including me who dream to dress like their favorite celebrities will be fulfilled.Its a very reasonable and affordable for me.I hope it favors other too.


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