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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Who won our recent giveaway? Find out now!

Yes I have been posting a lot less lately but I must take a moment to tell you I am still amazed at all the beautiful items Cristy Ellen K has been designing as of late. Stay tuned because I will be adding some of her pieces to a future Outfit Of The Week post sometime in October. I was also privileged to be a guest at her show at Western Canada Fashion Week back in September. If I add another 12 hours to each day, there will be more to follow about that as well!

And let’s not forget that Cristy was so generous to supply me with “Timeless” – a beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace which features a 45″ chain with an interlocking link pattern and matching earrings. It’s also adorned with octagonal crystals and melded ringlets throughout, “Timeless” will be the focal point of any collection. The set Price Valued at $185.00 CDN! But one lucky person will get this set for FREE!

Giveaway Piece

So who is going to walk away with this stunning necklace and earring set from Cristy Ellen K?

*rustling shopping bags for effect*

That would be Liane B!!! I will be emailing you soon to get your mailing address. Feel free to send me a photo of you wearing the set when it arrives.

Thanks for all of your who entered and take the time out of your busy lives to read our blog.

I’m not starting another giveaway until next week. But I can tell you it’s gonna be a another good one!

Have a great rest of the week!
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