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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Not a "Good-bye.", but a "See you later!"

My name is Tim Forest and I am Joelle’s husband. You may have read my name on some of her posts or seen my mugshot from time to time throughout this blog. Unfortunately, a recurring medical condition of Joelle’s has reared its ugly head and this has rendered her unable to continue blogging until further notice. I have been asked by Joelle to tie up any loose ends on her behalf. Updating her blog is one of the last things that needs to be done. It is our hope and desire that she will be able to resume her blog in the future, however at this point in time the priority is on Joelle, her recovery, and the care of our newborn child. I appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. Rest assured that if possible, she will be back in the saddle with her blog as it has been her labor of love. Hopefully, she will be able to continue where she left off with you in terms of providing her unique perspective on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Zeke will take a break as well to provide as much support as possible to Joelle during this time. He sends out a hardy “Woof .” to all his loyal readers. Thanks so much for all the love and support you have shown so far for Joelle and Zeke here at Clothes But Not Quite.
Tim Forest


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