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Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday's Meme

Happy April Fools' Day and Easter Monday! Zeke and I have decided to start a new feature on our blog making it's d├ębut today. We had originally called our blog Clothes But Not Quite as a commentary on what people don't know about dressing well and we also wanted to include make-up, hair, health, and other non-clothing topics. But actually the main reason we named our blog that was because we wanted to leave it open so as to not stifle our creativity and continue to grow and evolve.

So may we present to you Monday Memes. This entry will just be a photo, quote, or sentence etc. - something short and sweet. It will be like the Twitter part of our blog which may or may not have to do with fashion and may be funny, profound, sad, just plain stupid or all of the above. And it might not be a meme, but we needed to call this section something.

Joelle & Zeke

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