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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why was I "Missing In Action"?

Hey there, you! Yes I’m talking to you, you beautiful person! I appreciate that you took the time to stop by our blog and check out what’s going on. I gave birth on June 19th and was hoping to continue blogging while caring for a newborn, being a wife, being a friend to our roommate, running a household, recovering from more health issues, and raising a Boston Terror (my wonderful co-blogger Zeke).

What in the sam-hill was I thinking?!?!? *screaming*

Obviously I wasn’t.

The past ten, yes TEN DAYS have been a gong-show!

crazy page

From Upper Left to Lower Right:

1. Painting the deck and dodging rain.

2. The Baptism of our sweet baby James.

3. Our 6th Wedding Anniversary, (Thanks for the flowers, Tim!) which fell on the same day as the Baptism. We had 40 people descend on our house afterwards!

4. Attending the Simons Fashion Event at West Edmonton Mall. I will be blogging about this later.

5. Life in general with a newborn.

6. One of the rare times Tim was right about something. Worth documenting! Let the world now know there is no hydrogenated oil in this particular brand of hot chocolate.

7. Visiting Grandma in her new home.

8. Blogger down!! Zeke crashes into a fence playing fetch and hurts his paw rendering him unable to blog.

Nothing beats a photo collage to illustrate my point.

Anyway, I don’t know if it was the I-can-do-it-all-and-be-a-superwoman mentality so many of us women seem to have, being afraid to lose readers, or maybe it was plain redhair stubbornness. All I know is when I was writing posts at 3am and later to have them live on the blog by 8am, it was time for a break before I burnout. That being said, I’m still doing the same thing right now! Heeeeeello 4:44am. How you doin’? What I have learned is just having a newborn who is “talking” away as I write this (I love you James but pleeeeeeeeeeeease go to sleep!) will truly make one re-evaluate one’s life. This could be the lack of sleep hallucinations talking though.

So as a result there might be less posts nowadays, but when I do post I will make them good ones. Even Zeke will try and throw a Friday’s Faux Paw your way, but he has decided to take a break as well to pursue his interest of bacon and how to acquire it.

In the meantime keep caught up in real time with all of us on Twitter, Facebook, and especially our new Instagram account.

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