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Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw - Nope.

Hello! It's Zeke the Boston Terrier. Today is the wondrous day of my birth - and my Dad's too, although he is not three years old like me. To celebrate, Mom, Dad, and Cooper (my sister) went for a walk and had treats. Becoming an year older made me reflect on my life, and there was a lot to reflect about being that one of my years equals seven of yours. I couldn't help but think that there's been something missing for the past few months, so I decided to get my laptop out and check our blog.

I can't believe the last post on this blog was April 2011. Time has gone by as rapidly as I search for bacon. Joelle (my Mom) has been quite sick for the most part since February 2011. She still tried to update this blog as much as possible but with her failing health she found it too difficult to keep on top of things. I too have dropped the ball (pun intended) because I was busy worrying about her and dealing with Cooper trying to steal my toys, affection, and food.

I normally just write about fashion mistakes every time you see an entry from me, but even though today is Friday, I'm not going to do that. I just wanted to update everyone on what's been happening and to let everyone know that we are going to start blogging again! Joelle is still not doing that great, so instead of three updates a week, we're going to start with only one per week and see how it goes. At least this won't put any unnecessary strain on your already clogged newsfeed! I'm not sure what day Joelle will choose, but she'll let you know soon. I do know she's going to be writing about an awesome cosmetic company so stay tuned.

Joelle is on Pinterest. You can check her boards out here

Thanks for your support of our blog. Joelle will be back next week.

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