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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yet Another Strapless Wedding Gown? Really? *Yawn*

As I hang out in our lovely romantic room in Canmore, I am starting to think about wedding dresses. I know it’s coming to the end of the wedding season but I know that most brides order their wedding gowns six to twelve months before the big day.

Please do the world of fashion a big favour and be an original when you choose your dress. What I mean by this is please don’t choose yet another strapless wedding dress. You’re a unique gal who has met a one in a million guy so why do you want to be like every other bride? I think one shouldn’t choose a strapless wedding gown until you have tried on every other type of neckline and it’s the only thing that makes you look your very best. Pretty much every wedding I have seen in the past ten years, the bride was wearing a strapless wedding gown. And for many of the brides, it wasn’t a flattering look at all. To top it off, most brides at some point tug up the bodice at least once in plain view. That would make for a lovely wedding photo later wouldn’t it? What’s worse is that some brides who are less endowed slide out of their bodices when they start dancing the YMCA.

Here are some real examples from the past ten years that prove there are many other options to choose from which are way more fashion forward, flattering, and interesting. For even more neckline options, there is the square, sweetheart, halter, portrait, off-the-shoulder, sabrina/bateau, and jewel. For definitions of these necklines, check out:

Zeke will be here Friday for his Friday Faux Paw. See you Monday!


From left to right: Katherine Zeta-Jones 2001, Gwen Stefani 2002, Alyson Hannigan 2003

Clockwise from left: Christina Aguilara 2005, Tori Spelling 2006, Me (Joelle) 2008, Rebecca Romijn 2007

From left to right: Ivanka Trump 2009, Alicia Keys 2010, Coco Rocha 2010, Kate Middleton 2011

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