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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bella Latina - Home of the Colombian Butt Lift Jeans

This is a sponsored post.

I was so blessed to have an email from the people at Bella Latina Jeans. They wanted me to grab a free pair of jeans to try and see what I thought of them. I decided to show up in person so I could meet them and try on a whole bunch of different jeans because I wasn’t sure what I’d like.

First some background information on this awesome company:

Nelly Lee and her daughter Barbara originally hail from Venezuela. Upon arriving to their new home in Stony Plain, Alberta Canada in 2006, they found that there were many changes from their old home — changes that go beyond the drastic difference in weather. They had a hard time finding their favourite style of jeans here in the north — butt lift jeans. On trips back to Venezuela, they would bring back butt lift jeans. Before long, friends started to ask for some pairs to be brought back for them as well. As these numbers grew, it became obvious there was a market for these styles in Canada. This is how Bella Latina was born. Now, they are the Edmonton area’s #1 source for South American fashions.

South American jean manufacturers have been making butt lift jeans for many years. Some people say the style originated in Brazil, some say Colombia, depends who you ask. The jean is designed by the cut and composition of the material to gently lift and support the booty. The composition of the material ranges from 1 to 3% spandex material – 1 and 2% giving a firmer support, while 3% giving a more elastic feel similar to leggings. Both give a body hugging feel of comfort and flexibility combined with freedom of movement while offering support for the booty and control for the tummy.

Barbara and Nelly Lee

I totally have a flat butt and tummy control issues so I couldn’t wait to find my dream jeans. So off I went to their store with my husband and little guy in tow. The store is so pretty and Nelly and Gerald (Nelly’s husband) were so helpful and knowledgeable about what would look good on me. I ended up trying on way more pairs than I got photos of as they have so much variety.

Tons of cute jeans and more!

Dashing dark denims.

Such details on the pockets!

This pink pair was perfect for spring. Love the rose gold rivets!

This gorgeous teal pair was so stylish.

Want more junk in your trunk? These jeans had removable padding in the butt. Flat butt be gone! (The black thing hanging down is the tag.)

Soooooo, which pair did I end up choosing? None of the above! Even though I loved the above options, I chose a different pair than shown. Ready to see them? Here they are outside the store ’cause they are so epic I had to wear them home.

Earrings: eBay // Cardigan: H & M // Top: Walmart (In Stores Now) // Jeans: c/o Bella Latina Jeans // Shoes: Thrifted Ralph Laurens for $10!

With details like these, how could I resist?

Definitely traffic stoppers! 

I am so glad to be introduced to this brand. Their jeans are so comfy, stylish, and unique. I have already received tons of compliments while wearing them. My bum has never looked so good! And they just might have something at the till if you stop by their store. I kind of noticed a flyer that you can save 10% off any purchase, 15% off on purchases over $150, and 20% off on purchases over $200. You can invite friends to share your discount! How perfect is that?

Bella Latina Jeans is committed to carry the highest quality product available. They have over 150 different styles from the top 5 jean manufacturers in Colombia. From high, medium and low waist, from skinny, straight and flare leg styles, they will find a jean that will look great on you. They also carry shorts, capris, tops, dresses, shape wear by Devanshi and high quality swimsuits by Kelinda. And if you can’t stop by their store, you can always order online at Bella Latina Jeans. And check them out on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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