Monday, January 30, 2012

Create Emma Stone's Make-Up Look For Less

Emma Stone is one of Hollywood's girls of the moment. She looks great as a brunette or blonde but my favourite hair colour on her is red. She looked stunning recently at the Screen Actor Guild (SAG) awards on Sunday January 29.

Chanel Celebrity Makeup Artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua did Emma Stone‘s beautiful makeup.

She used:

Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumière Long-Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup ($55.03)
Blush: Chanel Blush Horizon ($79.94)
Powder: Revlon PhotoReady Finishing Powder in Translucent ($14.00)
Eyeliner: Revlon Liquid Eye Pen in Black ($10.19)
Eyeshadow: Revlon ColorStay 16H Eyeshadow Quad in Moonlit ($12.95)
Mascara: Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara ($56.37)
Lipliner: Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Framboise ($26.00)
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Sari D’Eau ($39.00).
Her total look costs $293.60!

If you'd like to have a make-up look like this and not break the bank, here is what you could use instead:

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish ($9.00)
Blush: Annabelle Duo Blush in Immortal Coral ($6.00)
Powder: N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder ($4.00)
Eyeliner: Physician's Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker in Black($10.00)
Eyeshadow: Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Country Wood ($6.00)
Mascara: Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Colossal Mascara ($8.00)
Lipliner: Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner in Sienna ($8.00)
Lipstick: elf Essential Lipstick In Seductive ($1.00)
Your look costs $52!!

This is proof that you don't have to spend more to look great!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

I am tired of looking at orange humans! I'm talking about you Snooki and many others! Yes for those who don't know, dogs can see in colour although not as many colours as humans can. Before you get too high on yourselves, know that dogs can smell and hear things way better than humans so I think that kind of makes up for the whole colour situation. At any rate, I am not quite sure why a human would want to look like a fruit. I know that orange is the au courant colour, but as a skin tone it just looks bad. Certain spray tans and self-tanners are the culprits behind this growing epidemic. I am not suggesting you suntan or fake bake instead because both things age you prematurely. So a spray tan or self tanner is the way to go. If you head out to get air-brushed, try going somewhere that is recommended by friends who don't look orange. If you do it yourself, research which self-tanners will give you a natural look. Try some as a test on a small area before you do your whole body and remember to exfoliate thoroughly first so you don't look streaked.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Products I Can't Live Without And Neither Should You!

First off I'd like to let everyone know that I in no way recieve money or free samples to endorse the products I recommend. Through trial and error and other's suggestions, the following are products that I absolutely love and use pretty much every day. So instead of spending your hard earned money on products that may or may not live up to your expectations, give this list a look and see if anything appeals to you. Also these beauties are a great bargain!

Queen Helene Original Batherapy Mineral Salts
This is the perfect antidote to tension and fatigue! Sometimes I feel exhausted when I wake up Sunday morning before singing at Mass. After a bath in these salts I feel wonderful! They are not kidding when they say that the Siberian Fir Oil in these salts energizes and dispels the feelings of tiredness. Afterwards I'm relaxed and refreshed. (Sangster’s $19.99)

Goody Ceramic Heat Round Brush 2.5”
 I use this with my blowdryer on freshly washed hair for a straight blow-out with rolled under ends. It really does create beautiful frizz-free hair. ($11.99 WAL-MART)

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub
 This is the best body scrub (and the cheapest) I have ever found. I use this also on my face with great results! My skin does look younger and glowing. Plus the smell is soooooo yummy (smells like a nutty, brown sugared desert) that if I accidentally get some in my mouth while exfoliating my lips – oh well. (London Drugs $6.99)

Revlon Pedi-Expert Pedicure Kit
I’m not interested in the file or the clippers that come with it, although it’s a nice touch. What I can’t live without is the pink “cheese grater” (as my husband calls it) which catches all of the dead skin as you exfoliate your foot. By using it, I have a better than salon pedicure whenever and wherever I want. I can’t wait for sandal season again! (London Drugs $14.99)

TRESemmé Clean & Natural Shampoo
The best shampoo I have ever used for colour treated hair mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate which can strip hair of colour. Also this shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair and love the fresh smell which isn’t too perfumey like other shampoos. They also make a shampoo specifically for coloured hair but I haven’t tried it yet. (London Drugs $3.99)

Once again Zeke will drop by Friday to let you know what you may be doing wrong stylewise. I'll see you Monday with another five products I cannot live without.


Monday, January 23, 2012

I am in LOVE!!!

There's a man I love other than my husband. I fell in love with him just after Tim and I got married. Please don't tell Tim because even though he's not the jealous type, this may hurt him. Well probably hurt his wallet. The man I am speaking of is none other than the fabulous Elie Saab. He knows how to dress a woman that has curves like myself and his 2012 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear line is to die for! If you are unfamiliar with this fashion designer check out to learn more. In the meantime here are my favourite pieces from his 2012 Spring/Summer fashion show October 5, 2011 in Paris. Enjoy!







I hope you now understand what I'm talking about. Ohhhhh the colours and styles. *swoon*
See you Wednesday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

I think that everybody should know about this faux paw already but time and time again I see this horrible crime against fashion occurring everywhere! This affront applies to men, women, children, even dogs - wearing clothes that do not fit! Have I not taught you anything? There is nothing so unattractive as to see a woman or man wearing a dress shirt and the buttons look like they are about to pop off and hit me in the eye. You can't help but stare at the person's chest which is especially uncomfortable if the human in question is female. Or watching a woman wearing a dress with seams straining that makes me afraid if she makes one false move I am going to be seeing a lot more than I'd like to. Maybe a male human won't mind but you're not my type as I am a dog. Please for the love of everything, buy clothes that fit you. If you have put on a few pounds this Christmas (as I too am guilty of) and an article of clothing no longer fits, then temporarily "retire" it until you lose the weight. Another option is give the piece of clothing away to someone who needs it more and buy a replacement that fits. My Mom Joelle has a problem buying button-up shirts that fit as she is small in the waist but broad shouldered with a larger bust. So she has to buy a button-up that fits her bust and shoulders and gets the waist taken in by a tailor. Follow her example and do the same. With any piece of clothing make sure it fits you in your largest spot and get the rest taken in. It is much easier for a tailor to take an a garment in than to let it out. No more peep shows, okay?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Updating Your Key Wardrobe Pieces - Part IV

Today is the last in the series of updating a key wardrobe piece. I hope you've enjoyed all four parts. If you have a suggestion for a future blog topic, feel free free to let me know.

The last key piece is the black turtleneck. I'm certain that most of you own this and if you don't you really should go out and get one. But if you're in Edmonton you don't have to go out today being that it is -34 with the windshield. Yes, wait for a warmer day!

Summer Dress
To be able to wear your summer dress during the winter put a black turtleneck underneath it. This also gives the dress a more casual feel. Don't forget tights and boots as it is cold out there. (H&M $40)

Statement Necklace
To make a black turtleneck more modern, team it up with a necklace that is big on statement. (Forever 21 $12.80)

Flowing Vest
long flowing vest will add a bit of Boho style to a stuffy black turtleneck. (Old Navy $18.97)

Sleeveless Faux Wrap Blouse
If you're as cold as I am right now, wear your black turtleneck underneath a bright sleeveless blouse. (Le Chateau $39.99)

Patterned Blazer
Take a hint form the Spring/Summer 2012 fashion shows and make your black turtleneck sizzle with a patterned blazer. The more abstract the better! (Forever 21 $35.90)

Thus concludes Updating Your Key Wardrobe Pieces. Zeke will be back on Friday with his Friday's Faux Paws. I'll return Monday to reveal the products I cannot live without - and neither should you!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Updating Your Key Wardrobe Pieces - Part III

Today's wardrobe piece we'll update is the white button-up blouse.

Floral Pencil Skirt
Take your plain blouse from blah to yeah with a floral pencil skirt. If this is too springlike for you, add some black opaque tights and boots. (H&M $29.95)

Pastel Blazer
Ditch the usual black blazer in favour for a pastel blazer. You are always pretty in pink! (Forever 21 $29.80)

 The small bag of the moment looks smashing with your plain blouse. Extra points for snakeskin. For those who don't know what a minaudière is, it's a jewelry case used as an evening bag with compartments, which allows storage for several items in a small space, such as a makeup compact, lipstick, watch, reading glasses, or keys. (eBay: $33.37 CDN including shipping)

Hair Jewelry
 For day wear a thin leather hairband and for night tuck a sparkly brooch behind your ear. (Clare's $5.00)

Bright Cardigan
Bright colours are a big trend right now and still will be a big thing for spring. Two must have colours are cobalt blue and tangerine. (Old Navy $29.94)

Methinks it's time for a little shopping! See ya!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

I thought I'd give the ladies a break again this week and bring up another faux paw men are guilty of. Some men wear ties often, but many don't know how to properly wear one. I am lucky not to have to wear one, howvever I know how a tie should be worn. The faux paws I see are wearing the tie too short and having it hit at your navel or wearing it too long and having it hit near your pelvis. When you wear the tie too short, you look like it shrunk in the wash. When you wear it too long, it looks like you have a second appendage "down there". Indeed both ways look ridiculous! "As a general rule for all tie knots, the widest part of your tie should hang roughly at the same height as the upper edge of your leather belt, with the tie's tip extending slightly below it." according to and everything else I have read. I won't even get into the sloppy tie knots I have seen and there is absolutely no excuse for this. Do yourselves a favour men and check out the aforementioned website and tie one on - properly that is.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updating Your Key Wardrobe Pieces - Part II

Today's entry is part two of how to update a key piece in your wardrobe. Today the piece in question is the popular A-line skirt.

Statement Belt

An inexpensive update is to throw on a modern belt, preferrably a thick one. (Reitmans $11.99)

Snakeskin Shoes
Grab a pair of heels in this season's hotest pattern - snakeskin. (Town Shoes $79.99)

Leather Shirt
If you've got a little more money to spend, buy a cool leather shirt to add an edge to a sweet A-line skirt. In this case if you can find a good faux leather that is also acceptable. (Danier $99.00)

Current Purse
 To easily update an A-line skirt, carry this two toned clutch. (Aldo $35.00)

Feather Earrings
 A pair of feather earrings in a hot shade like cobalt blue will add pizazz to the simplest A-line skirt. (Ardene $4.50)

I will be continuing with more basic pieces on Monday. See you then!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Updating Your Key Wardrobe Pieces - Part I

As promised, for the next while I will be taking a key piece that most everyone has in their wardrobe and showing you ways to make it look current. The first piece for consideration is the ubiquitous black blazer.

Bright Coloured Pants
To make the black blazer au currant, try on a pair of brightly coloured pants. (H&M $29.95)

Statement Necklace
A sparkly statement necklace will jazz up a boring black blazer. (Forever 21 $12.80)

Metallic Shoes
Shoes can be pumps or menswear inspired, but to add interest to your blazer, they need to be shiny or glittery. (Aldo $34.99)

Lace Skirt
To make the black blazer less business-like and more feminine, pair it with a girly coloured lace skirt. ($23.80 Forever 21)
Animal Print Pants
Take a walk on the wild side with your black blazer with some animal print pants. (Forever 21 $23.80)

Join me on Wednesday to discuss how to update another common piece of clothing.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday's Faux Paw

Sorry ladies, you need to wait until next week! I am aware that some men follow our blog so today is a faux paw for all the men out there. I see this blunder commited time and time again by men. I am speaking of pants that are too short in the leg. Men's pants are made for different leg lengths - listen up people who design women's pants because the same courtesy should be shown to women too! Usually at a store for regular guys, some common leg lengths for men are 30", 32", 34", and 36". Now here's the tricky part. If you have a 31" inseam - DO NOT buy a pair of 30" pants. It seems like this is what you guys do because when I can see sock when you are standing (and believe me as a dog I have a great vantage point to notice this) you look like you are waiting for a flood to occur. Here's a novel concept - why not buy the 32" pair and go to a tailor? For as little as eight dollars and a bit of your time, you can get pants that are the right length. And for those of you who don't know what the right length is, that pant should hit midway between the top of your dress loafer and the top of your shoe sole. Got pants that are shorter in the leg than described? Give them away to a charity and go shopping. Or get your Mom, wife, girlfriend, or friend to go shopping for you.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I'm Keeping This Resolution!

I am sooooo ill right now. I have pneumonia. *insert sad face icon here*. But I am staying true to my word and despite illness and computer problems this evening, here I am! This is not going to be one of my usual exciting and thrilling entries (ha-ha) because of my aforementioned affliction. I have been sleeping most of the day and am falling asleep as I write this. So as a result, I am going to be brief and announce that starting next week, I am going to start writing a series about what to do to update some of the key pieces you already have in your wardrobe. With the recession, many of us cannot afford to buy as many clothes and accessories. Why not just get a few key pieces to bring your look from blah and outdated to yeah and stylish? So stay tuned...

Zeke is healthy - lucky dog! He will be here Friday with his Faux Paw of the week. Sorry this is so short but my bed is calling me. I'll be back Monday to start my series on Updating Your Key Wardrobe Pieces.


Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

That's me in the picture on the left (click on it to see it full-sized). I was heading off to a New Year's Eve party at a friend's house. I finally got to wear my sequin skirt for the first time. *Eeeeeeeee* Yes, it's that time of the year again to make those wonderful New Year's resolutions. And if you're like the way I used to be, they are made the first week in January and broken the second week in January. A few years ago, I decided that this was no longer acceptable. I took a look into why I never kept my resolutions and I realized that it was because I made resolutions based on major changes. For example, if you plan on losing 25 pounds in two weeks you most likely won't. Why? Because that is a huge (impossible in my opinion) goal. How about you instead make the goal to lose 2 pounds a week for 12.5 weeks? See how much more manageable that is? And the more manageable the goal the better chance of succeeding.

So my New Year's resolutions this year are as follows:

Do yoga once or twice a week.
Stop eating at McDonalds so much.
Try to be less angry.
Spend more time on my faith.
Feed Zeke some bacon. Zeke this is getting old. Quit interrupting my blog entry and work on your Friday Faux Paws.
Laugh more.
Hang out with friends more.
Keep reading before bed.
Finish organizing my wardrobe. (I'm soooo close to being done on this one!)
Do at least one thing off of my Bucket List. This past year I did two - whitewater rafting and a hot air balloon ride.
Get a job outside the home.

There you have it. I think ten is plenty. Oh yes and here's number eleven - don't miss a blog update. I'll have to check back next January to see how I did. Let me know what your resolutions are.

Happy 2012! May you be blessed with health, happiness, love, laughter, and wealth!