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Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Your Personal Style?

First off, Zeke and I want to wish everyone a very Happy Hallowe'en! Also remember that our canine friends are allergic to chocolate so keep it out of their reach because they will eat it and get sick.

Do you know what your personal style is? Despite me usually knowing what to buy and helping others shop, I never really sat down and thought about this. However it's good to know what your style is so it is easier to go shopping because then you will know exactly what you're looking for.

There are basically only five main personal styles: Classic, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian, Avant-garde, and combinations of each ie. Classic/Chic. I kind of thought I'd be Classic, but then I took a quiz in a book by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo titled Nothing To Wear? A 5-Step Cure For The Common Closet. I was shocked to find that I'm actually Whimsical/Chic, so I had to take the quiz again on a different day and I was the same thing!

Here is the eight question quiz here to help you to figure out what you are so that shopping will get a bit easier. Plus it's kind of fun - at least I thought so! So grab a pen and be prepared to learn more about your personal style.

1. If we opened your closet, what colour palette would we mostly see?

a) black and neutrals
b) basics, such as navy, white, khaki, charcoal, or brown
c) earth tones
d) a rainbow of colours
e) black with touches of bold colour

2. How would your friends describe you?

a) playful and spirited
b) relaxed and liberal
c) sharp and direct
d) traditional and proper
e) innovative and forward-thinking

3. Given a choice, what would you rather do?

a) throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt with funky accessories
b) step out in a fun floral dress or bright mixed prints
c) put on a sleek V-neck top and modern-cut pant
d) grab your favourite jacket with interesting and unusual details to wear with a black pant
e) get comfortable in khakis, a collared shirt, and your custest loafers

4. If someone gave you $200 to spend on clothes, how would you use it?

a) spend it on a cashmere wrap
b) buy a couple of outfits at J. Crew or Banana Republic
c) add to your accessories collection with a slouchy suede bag
d) buy a dress that makes you feel smart and unique
e) splurge on anything that catches your eye

5. When you walk into a crowded room, what would you prefer to do?

a) stand out
b) blend in
c) be in control, exude power
d) seem natural and easygoing
e) be zany and animated

6. When you have the urge (or need) to go shopping, you are more likely to do which of the following?

a) purchase practical basics for all seasons
b) head to the flea market for some great "lived-in" and funky finds
c) get something with a splash of colour to brighten your day
d) find that unusual piece to add to your wardrobe that no one else will have
e) buy high-quality, smart pieces that are sure to be in style

7. When you flip through the pages of fashion magazines, what is most likely to catch your eye?

a) that little black dress in the "specail occasion" section
b) peasant blouses and denim
c) multicoloured bangles for spring
d) a story on the new designers from Tokyo and Belgium
e) a Ralph Lauren lifestyle ad

8. Which of the following best describes the decor of your home?

a) minimalist, architectural, and sculptural (think the Jetsons)
b) comfortable and traditional (think the Cleavers)
c) fun, kitschy, and unorthodox (think Alice in Wonderland)
d) lots of rugs, earth tones, and floral prints (think 70s)
e) streamlined, tonal, with clean surfaces ( think Tom Ford)

Stay tuned for the answer key. I will be posting the answer key, the descriptions of each style, and the icons of each style Wednesday. See you then!

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