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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Faux Paw

Last weekend the humans had a big feast and apparently their dog companions are not invited to take part. I spent most of the day in my kennel. But I digress...

What I wish to discuss today is wearing running/athletic shoes in public. Yes I know they are comfortable, but unless you're at a gym or out for a run or walk this really looks like you've given up on yourself. Quite often a whole outfit is built from your shoes. So if you start out with runners, then you'll grab jeans and a T-shirt. Now you're wearing a whole outfit of boring. Why not try a cool pair of Converse street shoes or a chic pair of ballet flats? You could also wear oxfords, loafers, or ankle boots. If you find yourself constantly reaching for your runners - put them in your gym bag where they belong and you won't be tempted to wear them in public.


  1. In my opinion Crocks are the absolute ugliest thing you could put on your feet. If you must wear them, wear them to the beach because they are made of plastic. I'd give someone wearing them in public three poos.

  2. I just wear them when it's rainning as I can't bring myself to by rubber boots, LOL.
    But thanks!!


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