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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Real Deal vs The Steal

My husband and I went for our first ever hot air balloon ride today in Edmonton. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and wonderful experience. I got some awesome photos and videos. By a mere coincidence we even happened to fly over our house! Now onto today’s blog entry…

Who likes to save money these days when buying clothes, shoes, make-up, and accessories? I know I do! *raising hand* So without further ado here are my favourite things I cannot afford and comparable items for less. The prices are in Canadian dollars.

Jimmy Choo Black Glitter Aimee Pumps $532
Walmart Black Glitter Pumps $19
Lanvin Silk Pleated Dress $3355
H&M Dress $39.95
DSQUARED Boot Rider Abrasivato $903.40
Call It Spring Lathon Boots $100.90
Nars Orgasm Blush $29.00
Milani Minerals Luminous Blush $11.94
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star $51.12
Walmart Run Canvas Shoe $12.50
Yves Saint Laurent Ring $255.59
H&M Ring  around $7 (Their website is down for maintenance so I cannot get the price at this moment.)
Someday I will do more The Real Deal vs The Steal so stay tuned. Hope this helps everyone to save some money.

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