Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw

I feel this faux pas should be obvious, but I will lower myself just this once to discuss it and then never again. Crocs (or the cheaper brand Dawgs - the name sickens me) are simply awful. Check out the photo of George Bush if you have any doubts. They have no redeemable qualities. I mean plastic shoes? It worries me that a real person invented plastic shoes for adults to wear. I'm actually scared to meet this person. Yes but they are oh so comfortable. But so are sneakers and higher brand name shoes such as Naturalizer, Rockport etc. I've heard that they are durable, but so are real shoes. Every time I see someone older than three wearing these I want to test the shoe's durability by removing them and throwing them at the wearer's head. Please leave the Crocs where they belong - in the wild or the zoo. 
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  1. But I love my crocs when I'm gardening. I don't wear them anywhere, but they are the best - get them dirty, hose them off. Also, the sandal version is the best for at the lake - no worries about ruining them.

  2. All fashion rules don't count when doing yard work. Garden away my lovely while wearing your Crocs as earthworms have no fashion sense.