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Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday's Faux Paw

This is a tricky faux paw to master. It takes some time and energy, being truly honest with yourself and possibly enlisting some professional help. What I'm speaking about is wearing the correct colours for your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. If you don't know your correct colours you run the risk of wearing a colour that washes you out, or makes you look older, tired or ill. And who wants that? There are different ways of accomplishing this, but the most popular is finding out your colours by season based on the book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. If you want to try and figure out what colours look the best on you head here to take a test to find out what season you are and therefore which colours will look their best on you. Colours are usually divided into two categories - warm which has spring and autumn, and cool which has summer and winter. Autumn has the same colours as spring but they are darker and more intense and winter has the same colours as summer but are darker and more intense plus winter includes black and white. It's also super easy to rule out whether or not you're a winter. All you need to do is hold up something black, then hold up something pure white. If you look awful with both, then you aren't a winter because only a person with winter colouring can wear a true black or white. It's okay if colours from both warm seasons autumn and spring look good on you, or colours from both cool seasons winter and summer look good on you. However colours from warm seasons will generally not look good on someone with cool colouring and vice versa. Joelle and I both know our colours. Joelle is a spring who can wear some autumn colours and I am a winter. Master this and you won't receive this rating:

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