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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Check Out My Haul

Yes lately I have been shopping it up! The "in" thing right now is to show off your haul - as in what you have bought on recent shopping excursions. So here's my haul:

Rainbow Shoes $30 Caprice Consignment
I just had to buy these when my friend showed them to me. They definitely will go with everything. I just can't pass up a double rainbow. What does it mean?!?!?

Necklace $6 Reitmans
Was at Reitmans to buy the multi-coloured blouse but just had to buy this braided two-toned silver necklace. It will look great with anything and was 50% off.

I bought this specifically to wear with my white skirt. I really like wearing black on top and white on the bottom because I'm big on top and tiny on the bottom. Because black makes you look smaller and white makes you look bigger, this combination balances me out.

I bought this to go with the cute pairs of coloured jeans I bought in cobalt blue and in teal. It will also look great with my white capris.

Yellow Polka-Dot Dress $17 Value Village
I bought this dress after searching everywhere for something to wear to my brother's wedding. Leave it to a second hand store to solve my problems.

So I hope my new stash has inspired you. What are you looking to add to your closet?

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