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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Products I Can't Live Without And Neither Should You! Part II

I just started a new job today and I am soooooo sleepy right now. Must. Do. Blog. Post. Zzzzzzzzzzz... *cough* oh yeah, okay well uhm here are some more of my favourite can't-live-without products.

Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has been suggested as a really great moisturizer with antioxidants by many people including Kate Somers (runway model). After doing my own research as well as checking out: I thought I might as well give this versatile oil a try. So glad I did because I love this product. The added bonus is the smell. Works wonderfully on my dry skin but those with oily skin will want to pass this product suggestion by. ($12.99 Superstore)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral 

This year Pantone's colour pick is the Tangerine Tango. (For the description of what Pantone is check this out: As a result why not try some orange lipstick? There is a shade for every complexion out there. I love Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick because it doesn't dry out my lips and stays put for a long time.
($7.99 Superstore)

Bed Head Control Freak 3 TIGI
TIGI's website talks about how great this product is for controlling frizzy hair and making it straight. I disperse this product through my hair and scrunch it while blow drying. I get wonderful waves AND no frizz. Plus the smell is fruity and wonderful! (Around $20 at most hair salons)

Tweezerman Tweezers
 A few years back I was very skeptical when I read in a magazine that these tweezers were the best ever. I thought, "At twenty dollars each, they'd better be!!" Now I have three pairs and will never even think of using anything else. They grip the hair pretty much every time and have come with lifetime sharpening. They. Rock. ($20 London Drugs)

Sinful Colors Nail Polish
I know I wrote about this product line my first blog entry ever, but I must bring this up again. I adore OPI for it's staying power and colour selection (loving the Aqua shade right now), but now I buy Sinful Colors instead. Why? Because it performs the same, has an awesome range of colours, AND it's cheaper. ($5.99 at London Drugs)

This concludes the products that I can't live without - for now. Hope you enjoyed!

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